Sunday, 25 February 2018

SPOTLIGHT: January 2018 Empties + Giveaway!...

Gee willikers - another mammoth month of mainly wonder-products. Quite a wide variety, and of course some faves to giveaway to one of my precious followers, so let's get started!


Beechworth Honey Bush Honey & Macadamia Gentle Scrub (100ml, RRP $12)
Reviewed HERE, I adore this scrub but can't find anywhere that sells it except their website...
I caved and just placed an order, as well as a selection of their other scrumptious products ...

Dove Nourishing Care & Oil BodyWash (375ml, RRP $7.36)
Enjoyed this very much, so softening and hydrating, lovely fresh fragrance...
Probably not - actually I can't see this on their Aus website, only the UK one, but anyway I'm phasing out body washes that contain SLS (which sadly this does)  'cos it's starting to irritate the skin on my arms...

Glasshouse Beverly Hills Pink Lemonade Hand Wash (500ml, RRP $24.95)
Rave review HERE, one of my favourite scents for Summer, so fresh and crisp! ...
Probably - again it's another product that contains SLS. I haven't had any problem with my hands, so I'm prepared to make an exception ...

Grahams Natural Vanilla Organic Lip Balm (4.25g, RRP $7.95)
Love all their products, and their lip balm is exceptional - jam-packed with organic goodness, minus the yucky stuff, and 100% edible...
Not this flavour - my heart belongs to their Raspberry one, which I've already re-ordered ...

Harvest Garden Lavender & Patchouli with Zeolite Clay Soap (130g, RRP $7.50)
Still my favourite soap of all time, already covered in my October Empties post last year...
Forever ...

Natural Secrets Goatsmilk Moisturising Handwash (300ml, RRP $5.99)
Discovered this brand just over 12 months ago, and I'm totally sold on their products. Full review HERE ...
Affirmative - there's always a bottle on my vanity ...

White Glow Activated Charcoal Whitening Toothpaste (150g, RRP $5.99)
This was in the Liptember Beauty Box - glad to have the opportunity to try it as I'm still searching for a charcoal toothpaste that I like, but this is not it. Quite effective in the whitening department, but the taste is awful - reminds me of Quick Eze antacid tablets...


Antipodes Worship Skin Defence Antioxidant Serum (10ml sample, RRP $5)
Couldn't believe my luck when I found a whole shelf of these 10ml bottles for $5 each at my local chemist, all with a use-by date of 2020! Considering 30ml is $53.99, I bought several to try, but it's not really my thing. I was wanting hydration, but it doesn't moisturise very much at all - instead, it's an anti-oxidant treatment to counteract free-radical damage. Love everything else I've tried from Antipodes, but don't find I have a need for this beauty...
I can't go past Hosanna (the love of my life), so no...

Grahams Natural Anti-Aging Hydrating Night Cream (50ml, RRP $19.95)
Full review is HERE - at the time I guessed it would last me 6 months, and that's about right too. Sure I've been sampling a couple of others along the way, but still, it's endured incredibly well as such a small amount is required. I know I'm repeating myself but I so love this brand - zero glamour or frills, but also no stuff to irritate the skin, nor does it clog my pores...
Absolutely, but not for a while as I have at least 5 other creams to use up first ...

Nivea Skin Firming & Smoothing Concentrated Serum (75ml, RRP $18.46)
I heard about this via a YouTube video by AnneMarie (HERE) plus there was a pic on Instagram (HERE) - it's the Holy Grail for shrinking under-eye bags and firming jowls. Not available for sale in Australia, I bought several bottles from iHerb - it's regularly out of stock (no wonder!), but well worth waiting for. It contains a high concentration of L-Carnitine which is a fat dissolver, plus Q10 for firming, and it works. My eye bags have reduced by half since I started using it 7 months ago, and it's also helping to firm my jawline and double-chin - been holding off revealing it as I was hoping my bags would go away completely, but they haven't. But I'm thrilled with the results so far and will keep using it in the hope that over time they'll shrink even more. Mind you my bags were MASSIVE and I've had them for 30 years, so if yours are relatively small, this is the bomb because it's permanent and it's so unbelievably cheap! ...
Without a doubt - I have a bottle on my makeup bench for night-time application, and one on the vanity for my neck, chin and jawline in the morning ...

Nutrimetics Ultra Care Platinum Tight Firm & Fill Face Serum (30ml, RRP $102)
Another one of the treasures in the beautyheaven 10th Birthday goodie bag. It's a magnificent serum, loved everything about it, and I'm seriously considering buying it although the price tag is somewhat offputting. Haven't done my bh review of it yet, but it does have a plumping effect, and the hydration level of my skin improved dramatically, as did the surface texture. Had a major problem with the pump though, which initially drove me bonkers - the second time I used it the cap that you push down to dispense the product kept getting stuck, so much so that I had to bang it against something hard to get it to come up again. That was until I figured out I could remove the inner plastic tube from the casing, and then it worked brilliantly. That little annoyance aside, it's a very very special product ...
Certainly thinking about it - I went through it in about 3 weeks though, which makes it a budgeting nightmare ...

Face Masks

Garnier SkinActive Pure Charcoal Tissue Mask (RRP $4.95)

Crikey the cloth mask industry is exploding hey - just about every brand is adding them to their range now, which I'm thrilled about as they are an essential part of my skincare regime, and I love having lots to choose from. This one is a beauty - fits so well, actually I'd go so far as to say it's the best fit of all I've tried. My only beef is that the nose piece isn't long enough (nb: I hadn't ever considered that my nose might be longer than normal lol). It's refreshing and cooling, and there's a noticeable tightening sensation - loved it! ...
Yes indeedy - there's also one with Black Tea which I've purchased but not as yet tried ...

Purederm Botanical Choice Ginkgo Eye Puffiness Minimising Patches (2 pairs, RRP $3)
Confirming these are even more effective at reducing under-eye puffiness than the Skin Republic ones - LOVE! ...
The best $3 I've ever spent - can't live without 'em ...

Sephora Shea lip Mask (RRP $4)
Even more softening and soothing than the Rose one I raved about in the November Empties post ...
Yes! It's currently out of stock, so I'm waitlisted ...

P.S. The charcoal nose pore strip in the pic is by Skin Republic - I'll review it when I've finished the 6-pack...

SK-II Facial Treatment Mask (RRP $28)

This came in Marie Claire Ageless Parcel just over 2 years ago (2 years!) and I was saving it for a special occasion but figured it might have a use-by date. Wow, I get why it's $28 a pop - 2 pieces that fit well, heaps of serum, cooling, firming and hydration levels I've only ever dreamed about ...
I've written to Santa asking for the 6 pack ($140) ...


Scott Cornwall Decolour Hair Colour Stripper (RRP $24.95)
My first foray into true ash-toned home hair colouring over the Christmas hols was a catastrophe - my hair turned out black as coal! Not entirely sure why as the dye pack said Dark Ash Blonde, possibly a chemical reaction, but anyway I had to get rid of it because I can assure you, black-as-the-bottom-of-a-coal-mine-during-an-eclipse does NOT suit me. So I researched online and this Scott Cornwall product is what I came up with. Works BRILLIANTLY and doesn't damage the hair. But you must follow the instructions to the letter... 
I bought another one for the cupboard in case I have another disaster ...

Schwarzkopf Live Salon Permanent Hair Colour - Medium Ash Blonde (RRP $13.99)

My second foray into ash home hair colouring was a success thanks to this product. The result was way darker than I had planned, but that's possibly because of having to strip out the aforementioned first attempt. Fabulous colour, very low ammonia, 100% coverage. Wish they made a Light Ash Blonde in this range ...
Might try mixing it with the pearl blonde shade, although I've kinda fallen in love with their incredibly gentle Colour Specialist range, which I've recently trialled for beautyheaven - will do a post on that shortly ...


Purewick (Aldi) Touch Pear & Vanilla Fragrance Diffuser (145ml, RRP $10 I think)
Bought this months ago which is why I can't remember the exact price, but I don't believe it was more than $10. Subtle but lovely fragrance, lasted well considering I put it in front of the open window, but that was the best way to release the scent into the room. About to finish up the Mango & Coconut one as well.  For the price, they are fantastic! ...
The usual Aldi problem - if they come back, I sure will ...


Beauty by Nicholas Foundation No More - Medium (30ml, RRP $39.99)
Review of this fabulous cream is HERE - still loving it to bits! ...
Already have ...

Eye of Horus Precision Sharpener (RRP $10)
The best sharpener ever - doesn't damage any pencils I sharpen, whether it be eyeliners or lipliners ...
I have 3 spares, only because the plastic casing of this one split, but it was over 2 years old ...

Maybelline Brow Satin - Dark Blonde (RRP $16.95)
My go-to brow product - still suits me now that I've shifted my hair colour to ash, it's the perfect neutral and natural-looking brow power for fair-haired babes ...
I have at least 3 in my drawer ...

Rimmel Exaggerate Full Colour Lip Liner - Peachy Beachy (0.25g, RRP $12.50)
Great colour, this is quite firm and dryish, but it lasts really well on the lips, and being the propelling variety, it never needs sharpening ...
Gotta - it goes so well with most of my coral/peach lippies ...


I've picked some faves from this month to giveaway to one of you lovelies ...

  • 3 packs of Purederm Botanical Choice Ginkgo Eye Puffiness Minimizing Patches (6 pairs)
  • 1 x 10ml Antipodes Worship Skin Defence Anti-Oxidant Serum
  • 1 x 100ml Beechworth Honey Bush Honey & Macadamia Hand Cream
  • 1 x Harvest Garden Rose + Geranium + Patchouli + Lavender Natural Handcrafted Soap
  • 1 x Grahams Natural Raspberry Organic Lip Balm

All products were purchased by me, the total value is approximately $40, and this giveaway is open to...
Australian Residents Only

Here's how to enter...
  1. Leave a blog post comment on this page that answers the question inside the Rafflecopter (please note: if you don't leave a comment, you won't be included in the draw!)
  2. Leave your email address inside the Rafflecopter so I can contact you if you win
  3. Follow my blog one way or another from the many choices listed
  4. Only one entry per person, please read the T's & C's inside the Rafflecopter
    This giveaway is now closed - check back later tonight to see who won!

    Woo hoo! - has chosen the beautiful Karen C as the winner.  
    Congratulations gorgeous! 
    Karen please respond to the email I've sent you by
    Wednesday 7th March to claim your prize :-)
    Edit: Karen has claimed her prize 

    Best of luck to all who enter!

    Take care of you,
    kats xxx


    1. I love moogoo’s lip balms.

      When I apply it before bed, I wake up with the softest lips.


      1. Thanks for the reminder Elly - I tried the Cow Lick Lip Balm last May and loved it, had quite forgotten about it! ♥

    2. Good post, love this sharing so much, thank you!

      1. Thanks hon - sharing goodies is one of my greatest pleasures x

    3. My favorite lip balm is the Burts Bees Honey lip balm or the peppermint one. I use some everynight before bed.

      I was also on the colour specialist hair colour trial....I love it....was so easy to use and gave me a wonderful result.

      1. Crikey how come I haven't tried one of their lip balms yet? I'm amazed as I love their lippies, the peppermint one is now on my list. Thanks Fawn! ♥♥♥

    4. LOVE the new hair colour, Kats. I'm not entering the giveaway but wanted to say Hi and how lovely your hair looks. It will be perfect when you're selected to be one of the special "faces" of BH. Take care - hugs,

      1. Hi there darling Trish! Thanks for the fab feedback on the new hair colour - it's been quite a journey to get there, I'd forgotten how hard it is to get rid of reddish/gold tones. I doubt I'll get the L'Oreal gig, but a gal can only hope ha ha - keep well my love! ♥♥♥

    5. My fave lip balm has got to be Burt's Bees. Thanks for another generous giveaway Kats ♥

      1. Oooh another vote for BB lip balm - time to go shopping! Best of luck my dear xxx

    6. Lanolips has been my favourite lip balm for a few years but Burt’s Bees is now up there with it.

      I love hand creams and Jurlique Rose hand cream is my pick - great when I have any eczema!

      1. Hi Karen, Lanolips is another one I haven't tried as yet - their other products are amazing so it makes sense. And of course who could go past the Jurlique hand cream ♥x♥

    7. I have so many hand creams it's ridiculous but I use them all. One of my favourites is the Oblepikha Siberica hand cream, not only for the deep hydration but also because I love the fragrance.

      I also have loads of lip balms but the one I'm using now is Burt's Bees Lip Shimmer in Fig. It's such a pretty shade.

      1. Gee I know what you mean about the hand creams Leonie - I have SO many scattered throughout the house, handbag and office desk! I recently tried the Siberica one and absolutely adore it, and I'll be checking out the BB coloured lip balms for sure x♥x

    8. Thanks kats! Looking forward to using all these great products!

    9. I'm a big fan of the Scott Cornwall stripper too! I've recommended it on the beautyheaven forum a few times. I did my own ombré with it. My hair is waist length. I've got my third box in the cupboard, ready to go.

      1. It works so well hey, and doesn't seem to do much damage at all!