Tuesday, 20 October 2015

REVIEW & EOTD's: NYX Color Mascaras...

As you know I was recently treated to a fabulous prize from the equally fabulous team at Bloggers United AU.  I'm telling absolute truthies when I say that this set of NYX Color Mascaras was what I was most excited to try out of the whole magnificent haul. I'm actually brand new to colour on my lashes, and I couldn't think of a better introduction than with these beautiful pastels ...

Warning: picture heavy post!

As you can see the presentation is super pretty - the product inside is almost an identical match to the colour of each tube, so you know what you're getting. The wands are thinly coiled, but pick up a good quantity of mascara. The formula is a bit stinky, but only if you put the applicator right under your nose - can't smell a thing when I'm using them as they were intended. There's no indication that they're waterproof, but I've not had one smudge or speck go astray, and the coating has always been 100% intact when taking off my eye makeup at the end of the day. Can't tell you if they hold the curl either because I've only used them over the top of my usual faithful black one - taking closeups as I do, my camera simply won't register that I have lashes AT ALL unless I load them up with something fairly fibrous and chunky. But that's enough of the babble, let's see these babies in action!

Pink Perfect
I'll admit I was a bit chicken in the beginning, so I only applied the colour to my lower lashes. And in order for them to be visible in the pics, I made sure I used a liner or shadow dark enough on the lashline for contrast. As you can see it's quite a different look for me - I'd like to say funky, but I'll just stick with different lol. The mascara shows up far more dramatically in real life, so you need to be careful with your application. In my case, especially with the first black coat because every imperfection in your technique is revealed!

For the EOTD lovers, the other components of this look were Chi Chi Hopelessly Devoted & Black is Black Waterproof Gel Eyeliner as a base, and hot pink and black shadows from the bhcosmetics Take Me To Brazil palette. Used the same Chi Chi liner on the waterline...

Perfect Pear
Perfect Pear is the most gorgeous bright lime, and from the pics below, you can see what I mean about taking care with your strokes - clumps everywhere! But I did this at 5:30am before work (like all my EOTDs) and there wasn't a second to spare for any cleanup. At least you can see how deliciously dramatic this particular shade is 

For this look I used the brightest green and purple from the City Color Intense Shine palette over bases of Models Prefer Lime Tart Infinite Colour Eye Pencil and Chi Chi Lo Cal Chocolate Waterproof Gel Eyeliner respectively. Lo Cal Chocolate also adorned my waterline...

Mint Julep

My personal fave, but then you know I adore tealy aqua shades  The plan here was to use the Mint Julep as an extension of the colour I used on my waterline (Chi Chi Caribbean Queen liner), and it worked reasonably well, except for the sucky application...

The shadows used here were Sugarpill Midori and Sleek Ink over a base of BOE Beauty Eyeshadow Pencil in the shade Daydream...

Coral Reef

So after four goes (I'll explain the first one later), I was a little braver, and tried the Coral Reef on my top lashes. Whoa! Boy it sure does make my lashes stand out now doesn't it? - at least I can see the fruits of my Rapid Lash labours ha ha. Not entirely sure this was the best colour combo, but I was wearing coral and blue on the day, and you know me, I like to match...

The blue shadow is Sugarpill Velocity over a base of DB Cosmetics Deep Ocean Kohl, and the waterline is essence Longlasting Eye Pencil in the shade Cool Down (I labelled this incorrectly on my Instagram pic post - sorry Chi Chi & DB!)...

Forget Me Not
And here we are with lucky last, Forget Me Not. Except it was also the first one I tried, but I didn't apply anywhere near enough, and the mascara was barely visible in the photo, so this is my second attempt. I've winged and whined before about how my camera just won't play ball with anything purple, and this effort was no exception. This pretty lavender mascara showed up HEAPS more in real life (this is three coats), but c'est la vie...

This particular EOTD was an attempt to get into the spirit of Halloween - the orange is from the Chi Chi OMFG palette over essence white kajal, and the black is Sleek Ink over Chi Chi Black is Black Waterproof Gel Eyeliner, which I also added to my waterline...

To sum up, these NYX Color Mascaras are awesome and I had an absolute ball using them to create all these looks. Of course, this is just the beginning and you'll be seeing all of them (no doubt repeatedly) in future posts. A million thank you's again to Bloggers United AU (and NYX) for the opportunity to try something that I normally wouldn't dream of indulging in 

So tell me now, is coloured mascara your thing? Which look do you like the most?

Take care of you,
kats xxx


  1. Great work Kats!
    Some gorgeous looks x

    1. Why thank you sweetie, you're most kind - I wasn't completely happy with some of them, will have to practice some more with my technique, but I love how they make my lashes stand out ♥

  2. I love makeup that's fun to play with! Mint Julep looks great. Love the looks you've created! :)

    1. It's just the best fun hey Di - yes I reckon Mint Julep is the one that will run out first, such a pretty pretty shade ♥

  3. These are different to my NYX purple, mine is a little darker. I'll be wearing it on my lower lash line now that my hair is BRIGHT purple (well, until it washes out anyway).

    I LOVE the eyeshadows in the Perfect Pear, Mint Julep & Halloween eye looks! I saw a youtube video of how to make your eyes appear bigger, I can't remember who by. She recommended white mascara, followed by black on the tips. I think that would be something interesting to try with these mascaras.

    1. Hey hon, I'll have to see if I can find the deeper purple one - this is a little too pale for me, but I appreciate the tip about...the tips!