Saturday, 19 March 2016

SPOTLIGHT: Autumn Bling!...

Time to reveal more of my bling discoveries! My mission? To find some new colours, and particularly ones to co-ordinate with my Autumn/Winter outfits. Degree of difficulty? Blimey, I'm giving it a nine out of ten on the exasperation scale. Didn't realise it would be so hard to find anything other than purples, blues, clear and red, but patience (and vigilence) is its own reward, and I scored these three pretty little darlings in the space of a few months. All within my $50 budget too, although I did make a concession in regards to the setting of one ring, but more on that later...

So here's the first - quite a realistic representation of a peridot, and the perfect hue to tone with my olivey wardrobe contents. Olive green seems to be quite big this season - lots of tops, pants and jackets in the stores, but I'm finding it a challenge to track down any jewellery in this autumnal hue. I guess the clothing people aren't talking to the accessory companies! Anyways, I found this at Prouds during their sale a few months back, from memory it was almost half price ...

And this little treasure is my latest acquisition - last weekend actually. A stunning cognac Swarovski crystal, and the photo does it very little justice. In some lights it's palest citrine, and in others it's a rich brown with flashes of golden fire (as in the pic). Lovisa has quite an extensive range of Swarovski crystal jewellery, which is where I found this for $25. Only one catch, it's not set in Sterling Silver. But...I fell in love with the way the light bounces of every glistening facet so I bought it anyway, and will be especially mindful to remove it when washing my hands so the silvery plating lasts as long as possible. This ring is especially dear to me already because it's smaller than any of my others, and fits on the ring finger of my right hand - it's nice to have a change of dolled-up digit 

And finally, my teal extravaganza. Could not believe my eyes when I spotted this in Prouds - you know I ADORE teal, and it's as if it was made for me! The original price was somewhat outside my range, but once the 60% came off, it was a done deal, and I even got five cents change lol. This is quite a knuckle duster - like my other multi-coloured Swarovski rings (here), it's a dome shape, but larger and more solid, and all the stones are the same glorious deep teal. It sparkles in a different way too as the crystals are a mix of tiny and large size (nothing in between), and the entire surface is covered, whereas the others have gaps between the stones. Out of all my rings, she is "my precious" 

Well it's pretty obvious that bling rings are an ongoing and escalating passion of mine, so you can rest assured there'll be more sparklers to show you in the months ahead. Wishing you a wonderful Autumn 

Take care of you,
kats xxx


  1. Gosh you manage to find some lovely bargains. I'll have to start keeping an eye out for their sales. xx

    1. You know I don't think I EVER pay full price for anything mskyliem, it's sort of a thing with me - mind you sometimes I have to wait a while, but that's probably a good thing too lol ♥

  2. That teal is a precious all right! Lovely!

    1. It's so dreamy neurotic - it almost shimmers instead of sparkles. I was very strong though - there were matching earrings, and I managed to leave the store without them ha ha xxx