Tuesday, 15 October 2013

EOTD: Purple #1...

I'm a self-confessed PURPLE nut :-) As a teenager, my bedroom was a purple-fest - I grabbed every little nick nack I could lay my hands on in that shade, and even painted my furniture with Estapol Antique. I remember the base coat was deep pink, and then I used a cloth to smudge a bright cyan toner over the top to create a deliriously vivid purple aged look. Of course in those days I wore purple clothes and purple eye-shadow as well, and was ecstatic when Yardley brought out a purple Pot'O'Gloss (now I'm really giving away my age...)

I love just about all purples, and especially the names of all the different shades in this particular colour family - lilac, amethyst, lavender, violet, aubergine, mauve, plum, burgundy, mulberry, orchid, grape and on it goes. The pinky purples make my eyes look greener and seem to suit my skin tone better than the bluey ones, but I don't let that stop me indulging in my all-consuming purple passion.

I'll be doing quite a few purple EOTD's over the next few months, so here's the first of many :-)

For this look I used a base of Face of Australia Budge-Proof Gel Eyeliner in Pure Purple. Love this gel because it takes a while to dry and gives me time to apply my shadow so it really sticks.

Towards the back of the eye & into the crease I pressed on Revlon matte Aubergine. Along the top lashline I added violet from the Physicians Formula Fashionista palette using a damp brush to bring out the shimmer.

After lining the lower lashline with MNY Master Precise Liquid Liner, I smudged it with the Revlon Aubergine, and a deep purple from the L.A.Colors Venus palette. And finished off the look by lining my waterline with the same FOA gel liner, and a few coats of MNY The Falsies mascara.

Do you wear purple eyeshadow?  What's your favourite purple hue?

Take care of you,
kats xxx


  1. Oh my soooo pretty!
    The black liner work really makes the purple pop even more. I love it!
    Purple is my fave colour of all....has been my whole life :) I used to wear alot of vibrant purples but now I prefer softer such as lilac.

    I've nominated you for a Versatile Blogger Award hun :) I love your blog x

    1. Gemma hon what a sweetie you are for nominating me :-) Thanks so much my dear, I love your blog too! Will set up my Versatile Blogger Award page tonight :-)