Saturday, 5 October 2013

EOTD: Sugarpill Spearmint...

I'm on a bit of a GREEN binge at the moment. It's no wonder, it's the colour of spring, and well, who ever heard of spring blue, or spring yellow? It's always...spring GREEN! I usually start the season with a spearmint EOTD because I love the crisp freshness of this particular shade, and it puts me in just the right zesty mood for the months ahead.

And I reckon mint partners brilliantly with white - there's something so cooling and refreshing about this particular combo. But I always stick to mattes for this look - shimmery shadows are often a challenge for my older eyes, accentuating the creases and folds on the best of days, but thank goodness for Sugarpill! Their mattes are magnificently pigmented and dense without being the slightest bit chalky, and it doesn't take much building to create a bold effect.

I'm so fortunate that my dear friend and fellow blogger Hissycat Krissy offered to swap her collection of 12 Sugarpill shades to boost my matte colour kit, and give me something extra fun to play with. I can't remember what I gave her in exchange, but I definitely scored BIG TIME with this particular swap :-)

I used very little else but Midori & Tako to create this EOTD - just applied them dry over a base of essence white kajal, and added MNY Master Precise Liquid Liner for a bold contrast, and lined the waterline with the same essence crayon.

These shadows last brilliantly as well - they're just as potent at the end of the day as they are at the beginning, fallout is almost non-existent, PLUS they are silky soft and blend so easily. In short, they're a matte-lover's (and colour-lover's) dream come true :-)

Will you be trying a cooling minty GREEN look this spring/summer?

Take care of you,
kats xxx


  1. This looks so crisp, fresh and amazing, Kat! xx

    1. Thank you hon - it's a wee bit more dramatic than usual, but you know me lol...

  2. You look gorgeous Kats! I am so glad the Sugarpill mattes are getting so much love from you, and I love the green with your beautiful auburn hair! The eyeliner curving around the outer corner is a great look too :)
    Me being a bit of a drag queen at heart, I need SPARKLE so I just bought the Sugarpill Cold Chemistry palette which has sparkly white, charcoal, forest green and purple, the shipping from the Sugarpill site was $14 but it was worth every penny, her shadows are quality all the way!

    1. Kris, the day this palette arrived was a very special one, as are you darling :-) Oooh no, I just checked out this palette and it was made for you, the swatches are AMAZING!