Sunday, 2 November 2014

REVIEW: Urban Rituelle Geranium & Ginger Flower EDP...

This was one of the delights I picked up at the recent Urban Rituelle 15 Year Birthday sale - the master plan was to stash it away as one of my Mum's Christmas stocking-fillers, but I couldn't resist a quick spray, you know, just to make sure it was the perfect fragrance for her? - well that's my excuse anyway lol. The bad news (for my Mum) is that I was instantly taken with this ever so pretty scent, so it's now scored a place on my perfume shelf...

The bottle has an art deco look about it (especially the lid), and it contains a generous 100ml of palest green crisp, fresh and florally eau de parfum. On first spray, my nose picks up a fair whack of citrus content (grapefruit and orange) making it ultra-refreshing for a hot summer day. Once this fades a little, the sweetness of the flowers starts to emerge, but the blend never quite loses it's tang. Instead it settles into a beautiful mix of floral and fruit, with a tad more emphasis on the floral. In case you're wondering, I've read that ginger flower doesn't smell like ginger at all, but it contributes a spicy tingle to the carnation, white jasmine and muguet notes. The base is oak moss and amber - two of my faves, so it's no wonder it didn't make it past my bedroom shelf ha ha. It lasts around three hours on my skin, they are such pleasurably feminine hours, and it doesn't intrude beyond my personal space. In a word, I'd say this is "harmony"...

The good news (for my Mum) is that it's STILL on sale on the UR website for $15 (reduced from $29.95), so she's bound to find it under the tree anyway. The good news (for you!) is that next week starting Thursday 6th November, Urban Rituelle is having a massive 4-day Christmas warehouse sale, with up to 75% off end of season lines, seconds and discontinued ranges. I'm totally bummed that their headquarters are way to far away for me to take advantage of what I'm sure will be a whole host of bargains. But if you live anywhere near Caringbah, no doubt it'll be well worth dropping by - I've heard there's a $170 hamper up for grabs, and even some free gifts for early birds...

Here's the address in case you're in the area:
Unit 17, 59-63 Captain Cook Dr (enter via 75 Willarong Rd North), Caringbah, NSW

Do you have a favourite Urban Rituelle fragrance? 

Take care of you,
kats xxx


  1. This sounds like a lovely perfume, Kat. So beautifully described. I might have to check out the website, I didn't realise their perfumes were so affordable.

    1. Well this one sure is a bargain Indie - actually the others are all small EDT sprays or roller-ball oils, and I don't think there's anything that costs more than $16! I'll be posting a review of the Ginger & Apple Petit Parfum hopefully next week, and I've just received another variety of the Hibiscus & Cranberry - this last one in particular is to die for. I mean I really enjoy the Geranium & Ginger Flower fragrance, and the Ginger & Apple is yummy, but I ADORE the Hibiscus & Cranberry ♥

  2. I'll have to see if I can make that sale! It's too hard doing it online - I like a proper sniff first, prior to purchasing scents.

    1. Hey TP, when are those internet wizkids gonna invent "scratch and sniff" for computers? I agree it's chancy buying without sampling the scents - fragrance is so incredibly personal. Hope you can swing by the sale - I worked out it will take me 4 hours to get there by public transport, so I'll have to give it a miss...sob...