Friday, 31 July 2015

EOTD: Colourpop Empire...

Is there an emerald green eye shadow on the market prettier than this Colourpop Empire? Hard pressed to find one I reckon - it's so shimmery and sparkly too, absolutely love it to bits, and even more so because it was a gift from my darling friend Hissycat Krissy 

I am SO impressed with these Colourpop eye shadows - they're cheap as chips, super buttery and the pigmentation, well I think you can see it's rather stunning...

I actually dumbed this down a bit by using a dark brown base on the outer two thirds - I was wearing olivey shades, and while I wanted my eyes to be a brighter hue than my somewhat dull outfit, this emerald was way too vivid, so I started with Chi Chi Waterproof Gel Eyeliner in Lo Cal Chocolate. Essence White Kajal went underneath the inner corner, and bhcosmetics Waterproof Eye Crayon in Huntress was my waterliner...

Facewise, I'm wearing nude by nature Liquid Mineral Foundation, cheeks were the middle pan from the BYS Coral Me In blush trio, and lips were BOE Beauty Mocha...

Take care of you,
kats xxx


  1. Gorgeous! I love greens!
    I've also been debating a colour pop order! I wish the exchange rate would improve a little!

    1. Hi hon - yes I've had items in my cart twice now and baulked at the combo of seemingly OTT postage and exchange rate. Hopefully our $ will improve in the next few months ♡

  2. It sure is vivid in the pan. That's a beautiful colour Kat!

    1. Next eotd I'll use just white so you can see it in all its glory hon ♡♡