Thursday, 18 August 2016

SPOTLIGHT: 2nd Quarter Fave LOTD's, Corals, Mauves & Pinks...

You know I never thought I'd say this but lipsticks and lip creams have taken hold of my makeup passion reigns! I still absolutely adore eye shadows and creating eye looks of course (that'll NEVER change), but I have a massive lip product collection now, and to be realistic, a pout is a helluva lot quicker to "do" and photograph in the wee hours. There's also the obvious problem that I'm getting old (am now officially classified as a Senior - gaaahhhhh!), and sadly the deterioration is more rapid than my skincare can restore. I for one don't want to look at pictures of wrinkly old eyes, and I REFUSE to use the "beauty" filter on my camera, so I'm just putting it out there that I've started shifting my makeup blog focus away from eyes to lips - I reckon they're going to hold up a bit longer than my peepers! Anyways, here we go with my favourite Coral, Mauve Pink lip colours/products from the ones I slicked on last quarter...


I'm lucky I can wear most corals, but like any hue, some are defnitely better than others. Hard to choose a #1 from this lot - I reckon it's a tie between the SAX Coral and the Revlon Hydrangea 


I don't own nearly enough mauve lippies - it's such a versatile shade range, soft and pretty and doesn't scream for attention. For me the Maybelline Matte Touch of Spice has the edge here 


Ahhh pink - it's where my lippie love affair started   SO many variations, but I have a particular penchant for blue pinks - from this set, my heart well and truly belongs to Ulta3 Orchid 

Hopefully there's one or two here that take your fancy, and would suit your complexion. Here's the link if you missed the Nudes, Bricks & Bronzes, next up will be...REDS!

Take care of you,
kats xxx


  1. As I scrolled though the photos, I liked NYC Violet Shine the best.. then I realized it must be the one I sent! :D xo

    1. Yep, that's the one Amy! Love it, and you'll see the red one in the next post - honestly, the colours you sent over are gorgeous, thanks again sweetie ♥♥♥♥♥♥