Friday, 25 November 2016

SPOTLIGHT: 3rd Quarter 2016 Fave LOTD's, Reds...

What IS it about red lipstick that can turn your mood, and your day, around? Sure there are lots of brightly coloured lippies out there - hot pinks, fluoro oranges and even electric purples...but none of them brings the va va voom punch of a red pout hey. To think I didn't even START slicking on this hottie shade till I was in my 50's is almost beyond my comprehension, but if I can manage to cast my fears aside so late in life, well I reckon anything's possible as far as makeup is concerned. So here are some of my favourite fiery lip products - hopefully there's one here that'll tempt you to indulge, even if you haven't before ...

I usually save the best till last, but I'm breaking with tradition here and launching straight into my #1 pick - L'Oreal Bloody Mary, a precious gift from an equally precious pal. Have you ever seen a more rich and luscious red? Amazingly comfortable formula too, absolutely adore it   The Ulta 3 Radiant was an unexpected surprise for $5.95 - in the past I've found the lip products from this brand to be either too sheer, or not  moist enough for my dry old lips, but this glossy babe is a winner - stunning pigment, non sticky and lasts well if you apply it over a matching liner...

Love this DB Cosmetics Deep Red for when I want a splash of colour that's not quite as loud as some others - there's a softness to this shade which makes it totally wearable. And the Kat Von D Adora was a gift from my darling friend Amy - it's disappointingly drying, but such a pretty shade, quite different to my other reds, and the only KVD lip product in my kit...

The Face of Australia Ruby Delight is another one that surprised me with the pigmentation quality and comfort - I simply must buy more of these lol! And the Rubi Shoes Ruby Red is one of my most frequently worn lipsticks. Sadly my local store has stopped stocking them, and I can't even find them at Cotton:On any more, so I guess they've been discontinued - boo!

And finally some deep broody wintery reds, which I've now put away till next Autumn - both beautiful shades although the formula is a wee bit drying, and let's face it, buda-pash is definitely not for the faint hearted. Whoa!  Ha ha...

Next round will be Berries & Purples followed by Oranges, and they'll be up very soon - blimey it's almost time for the last quarter faves!

Take care of you,
kats xxx


  1. I think red lipstick looks great on you, especially the Ulta 3 shining and bright red! I'm still not that confident to wear bright lipsticks, but I'm trying, maybe slowly, but still trying. :)

    Michelle Morchella

    1. Thank you so much Michelle - it helps if you can find the right one, and then there'll be no stopping you ♥

  2. Bloody Mary is absolutely stunning Kat! Also loving Radiant from Ulta3, and it's so affordable too! Great lip swatches xx

    1. They're both stunning hues hey Di - so many reds and only one pair of lips, what a dilemma lol xxx

  3. Replies
    1. It really has the edge on the others hey Shell - and best of all it was a gift from a darling gal pal ♥x♥