Sunday, 20 August 2017

SPOTLIGHT: Nutrimetics...

My love affair with Nutrimetics products started a long time ago - more than 30 years actually. I used their Nutri-Rich Oil and Nutri-Moist exclusively for an extended period of time in my late twenties and early thirties, and just adored how enriching the formulas were  I was never a seller of the product back then, I just bought it for myself and my Mum, and to score some bargains for extra special gift giving. But I closed my account when I went to live in London, and that was that, or so I thought...

Fast forward to a month ago when the stunningly beautiful Bree from By Breharne contacted me with an offer too good to refuse - join (again) as a home buyer (no selling) for $10 and receive a 25ml jar of Nutri-Rich Oil, plus a whole bunch of other products for free with my first order. Well I jumped at the chance, and now have some new gems to try out, as well as the pleasure of rediscovering some old favourites. I'll be reviewing the majority of these over the months ahead, but meanwhile, here's a look at what I scored...

Nutri-Rich Oil with Apricot Kernel Oil

From the fragrance and the texture, it seems the only thing that's changed over the years is the packaging of the Nutri-Rich Oil - gorgeous product that melts into the skin, ultra-replenishing, and apparently contains the oil of over 100 apricots in every jar. This normally retails for $35, so I'm thrilled to have added it to my bench for a fraction of that ...

With so many fabulous sounding products to choose from, it was a challenge to place my first order, but I managed ha ha, and chose the following...

Nutri-Rich Shower Oil
White-Age Luminous Skin Serum with Peony Flower Extract (bring it on!)
Hand & Nail Treatment Creme with Apricot Extract & Macadamia Oil
Ultra Care Clarifying Clay Treatment with Kaolin Clay & Black Rice Powder

This last one came with a free microfibre face cloth, and the clay smells simply divine. The serum has a beautiful floral fragrance and lots of slip, and there are little beads suspended in the liquid which dissolve and release lightening power - can't wait! The hand creme is one I've used and loved before, and the shower oil will give my moisture-starved winter skin a boost of hydration that won't ever go astray...

On to the freebies - can't believe I scored all these just by placing an order!

Nutri-Rich Oil Ointment
Nutri-Rich Nourishing Body Butter
Nutri-Rich Hand Creme
Loofah Shower Gel

The value of all these gifted beauties is $114, and I just know I'm going to love them. Of course there's a ton of other products to try including makeup, home care and nutritional supplements, so I'll have to work my way through them gradually lol. AND according to their website, all products are dermatologically tested, NOT tested on animals, and are free from animal-derived ingredients. What's not to love? ...

Have you ever tried any Nutrimetics products?

Take care of you,
kats xxx

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  1. I haven't really gotten into Nutrimetics, but these products sound really nice xx

    1. It's the only one of those pyramid-selling brands I've ever really liked enough to sign up for Indie - I haven't tried any of their makeup yet, but can certainly vouch for the skincare ♥

  2. My best friend used to sell Nutrimetics and I used to be a huge fan many years ago. I loved the Nutri Rich Oil and also the Loofah Shower Gel. I love seeing that these tried and tested products are still now vailable with no doubt many new products added to the range also!


    1. How interesting Ingrid - and I agree it's a comfort that certain products are still being sold after all these years, kinda speaks for their efficacy xxx

  3. These sounds great Kats! The bathroom products sound amazing! Great post.

    1. I'm so glad I got this post up quickly Tal - I've been holding off using any of the products because I wanted to take the pictures before the packaging gets all messed up lol xxx

  4. I haven't used Nutrimetics for so long! As I teen I actually used to sell the products! I love the sound of the
    Nutri-Rich Oil with Apricot Kernel Oil - so nourishing xx

    1. Oh wow, another lovely lady with a Nutrimetics past! Yes the oil mmmmm - I used to love it especially because I have an overly oily T-zone, but this apricot product didn't ever make it worse, in fact it kinda normalised the area xxx

  5. What a deal! The products sound great too. Looking forward to your reviews on their products! xo

    1. It's amazing what I received hey Amy! And there's no pressure to buy, just lots and LOTS of temptations ha ha xxx