Sunday, 26 November 2017

REVIEW: Beauty by Nicholas Foundation No More...

Time to review some of the goodies from the Beautyheaven Turns 10 birthday loot bag - so many amazing products, it will probably take me a whole 12 months! So without further ado, I'm starting with the fabulous AA (anti-ageing) Cream from Beauty by Nicholas - Foundation No More...

Wowee, what a gem! I chose the Medium colour for my free gift from the party, and I'm loving it so much, I swapped some of my points in beautorium for another tube so I have a spare. It's a very VERY close second to IT Cosmetics CC Cream, but it only gets pipped at the post because the SPF content is 30+, whereas the IT Cosmetics one is 50+. Mind you the Foundation No More scores a heap of bonus points because a) it's currently $20 cheaper, and b) it's readily available from Priceline (and the Beauty by Nicholas Aussie website) - availability is a major factor for me as I've been waitlisted for the IT CC Cream for over 3 months on Sephora, and only just snapped it up a couple of days ago, and it's already out of stock again. How crazy is that? Annoying too, but hey it's so darn popular. Anyway, apart from what I've mentioned above, there's very little difference between the two products, BUT the Nicholas AA Cream has certain features which I actually prefer, and that's why it's now a staple in my kit. So let's get on with all you need to know, and why I love it ...

In the pic on the left you can see my freckly hand, and on the right is after blending a squiddly squirt of Foundation No More with my usual dome brush. Coverage isn't complete, but I think you'll agree it's pretty darn good. Both photos were taken in natural light - the pigmented spots are blended in, the colour is natural, and the finish is a soft sheen. It has an almost mousse-like consistency when applying, it's light, doesn't crack or sink into my lines, and transfer is non-existent once it dries...

And here's a pic of my freckled spider-veined au-naturel face transformed by my usual work makeup routine, with Foundation No More as my base. Sure I've used a wee bit of concealer under my eyes and around my nose, but the coverage is fabulous. My freckles aren't entirely hidden, but the end result is natural and glowy and stays put for the whole day ... 

Here's the blurb that's on the box, and the list of ingredients...

And hooray, it's an Aussie owned brand that doesn't test on animals ...

I use one full pump for my face and neck and then dispense a tiny bit more onto the back of my hand for extra coverage on my trouble spots. It blends beautifully and makes my skin look SO good. At this stage, it's available in 3 shades - light, medium & tan, and according to their website, it "Reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles by up to 63% after just 28 days of usage". Can't wait for that!...

Overall it's a winner for my mature skin - love the formula, the texture, the finish, and how it dramatically improves the look of my complexion without making it look like I've plastered on a mask. Beautyheaven lists the price at $49.99, but the product website and Priceline have it listed as $39.99 - I'm not sure if this is a "special" price, but now is sure a good time to try/buy. Thanks again to beautyheaven and Beauty by Nicholas for the opportunity to experience something that I have a feeling will eventually replace all the other foundations in my kit - whoa! ...

Have you tried this product? Would you rather use an AA, BB or CC cream than a foundation?

Take care of you,
kats xxx


  1. I tested a bit at Beautyheaven's 10th birthday but unfortunately I think the Light was still too dark for me (and you know how pale I am). If they made a Fair shade, then I think I'd give it a go as I was quite impressed by the Beauty by Nicholas presentation. I like using a tinted SPF moisturiser on days where I feel like wearing something, but nothing heavy or overpowering. I save the foundation for night-time nowadays.

    Shell // The Novice Life

    1. Fingers crossed they expand the range Shell- I'm loving it, was wondering how it would go on a stinker like today, but it lasted beautifully ♥

  2. Great review, Kat. I'm glad you love it and that this product rivals your beloved It Cosmetics CC cream because I have one waiting to be used and I am so excited to give it a try xx

    Indie// In Search of the Holy Grail

    1. I reckon you'll love it too Indie - I'm about to give up on the IT CC cream, it was on the Sephora website so I ordered two tubes. A few days later they emailed me to say it was a mistake and they were refunding my money! Who knows when it will be available in this country again, so I'm thrilled to have discovered this beauty that I can pick up no trouble at Priceline ♥

  3. This sounds like something I’ve been after for a while now. The results look amazing! I’ve been wanting to try The IT Cosmetics CC cream for a while, but I may just try this instead, save my pennies for more makeup.
    Thank you.

    1. Hey Kendall, forgive me for responding so late! Hope you get to try this product - I'm SO over the IT Cosmetics one being unavailable for half the year, and this one by Nicholas is excellent, been using it every day for weeks now and my skin is loving it ♥