Sunday, 15 September 2013

EOTD: Blue Moon...

Here's the first of many EOTD's I'll be posting :-)

While I have a penchant for multi-coloured looks, I often go for a single intense shade for an extra dose of drama, and BLUE eye shadow and I have only recently fallen in love. I didn't wear it for over 20 years because I honestly didn't think it did anything to enhance my tealy green eyes, and in those days, I used light blue and applied it all the way up to my eyebrows (as was the fashion at the time). I was a bottle blonde at the time, and in hindsight, the whole effect was quite cringeworthy ha ha...

But all that's changed, as have I, and my application techniques. There are so many stunning variations available nowadays, and having learned about multi-layering to achieve depth and light-play, BLUE has skyrocketed right up there amongst my favourite hues.

So here's what I used, and where I applied it:
  • Tightline the upper lashline with bhcosmetics waterproof eye liner in Midnight (deep blue)
  • Pat Maybelline New York Colour Tattoo in Electric Blue all over the top lid as a base
  • Essence Colour & Shine shadow in Blue Moon along the top lashline, applied with a moist brush to bring out the shimmer
  • Ink from the SleekV2 matte palette over the back half of the lid for extra depth and definition
  • A dusting of Blue Moon all over the top
  • MNY Master Precise Liquid Liner along the bottom lashline
  • A smudge of essence Blue Moon over that to soften the line
  • bhcosmetics waterproof eye liner in Midnight on the waterline
  • MUA matte beige on the hood...

I just love the contrast with my red hair, and as you'll see in the coming weeks, I'm crazy about shadows that sparkle and shimmer when they catch the light.

How do you feel about BLUE eye shadow - are you a fan, or do you avoid it like the plague?

Take care of you,
kats xxx


  1. I love how you've used blue on the waterline, it looks amazing! I adore blues, greens and purples, I can't help myself with bright jewel tones. I'm so glad I can find your EOTDs here now :)

    1. Thank you sweetie - you and I are very similar in our passion for gem colours hon. In fact I feel a purple EOTD coming on this week lol...

  2. I have only recently developed a love for blue, also. I'm just loving this look, totally makes your eyes "pop", hun xx

    1. Yay scent - I'm just so glad companies are bringing out so many lovely shades for us to choose from. When I was a young'un, there was pale blue...and pale blue ha ha...

  3. Can't express how much I love this, blue and purple eyeshadows always blow my mind. You're going to set me on another eyeshadow rampage kats!

    Beautiful work as always x

    1. Sandy my dear, such a lovely comment hon, thanks a bunch. I'm always delighted to incite a shadow rampage (they're the best kind ha ha), and purple is on my list for this week for sure :-)

  4. I LOVE blue eyeshadow and eyeliner, I love the intensity of this look and it definitely brings out your eyes! xx

    1. Thanks darling Sarah - glad there's another blue fan out there :-)