Saturday, 28 September 2013

REVIEW: Lancôme Teint Visionnaire

One of the advantages of blogging that I’m really excited about getting into in a BIG way is raving on ad infinitum about the products that I just plain adore, can’t live without, won’t ever stop using, am over the moon that I’ve finally found etc. etc.

What better way to start things off than to wax lyrical about my Holy Grail foundation, LancômeTeint Visionnaire! The wonderful team at Beautyheaven invited me to trial this stunning makeup back in March of this year, and after 6 months wear (on work days & special occasions), it’s only just run out. I purchased the exact same shade (035) a couple of days ago, and scored a magnificent GWP as well (more on that later).

How many foundations have I tried in my reasonably long lifetime? 100? 200? No idea really, but I reckon it’s a LOT. How many have I been very happy with? Probably around 10 or so, but if I take it to the next level and say “deliriously happy with”, then the answer is a big fat ONE, and you guessed it, it’s Teint Visionnaire.

First up, it’s the perfect colour match for my skin tone. I have light-medium skin with yellow undertones, BUT I also have amber freckles all over my face. This makes it really hard to find a matching foundation – if I go for the lighter skin colour between the freckles, I look like a ghost, or gravely ill at the very least. But if I match the freckles, I’m a dead ringer for Malibu Barbie - eek! Shade 035 is pretty much smack bang in the middle, and it ends up blending my two complexion colours into one, and my skin looks fabulous.

The most amazing thing about this foundation is that even in closeup, it’s barely noticeable. It covers the red spider veins around my nose, softens the appearance of my deep lines, and seemingly melts away the fine ones. I apply the matching super clever in-cap concealer over any trouble spots, like the pinky areas around my nose, a pigmentation spot above my right eye-brow, and an odd red lump thingy I have on my right cheek. I end up looking like I have near perfect skin, and no-one, and I mean NO-ONE can tell that I’m wearing foundation. How utterly awesome is that?

The finish is a wee bit dewy at first (I have an oily T-zone), but it settles down after a few minutes, and all I do is pat a light dusting of translucent finishing powder over the top, and it lasts all day without having to do another thing to it, not even one touch up. And the Visionnaire serum content keeps working on my enlarged pores throughout the day (I also use Visionnaire serum religiously every night, have done so ever since it was released).

So….yes it’s official - I do declare this is my HG foundation. At $65, it doesn’t come cheap, but for what it does for my complexion, it’s worth every dollar, and as I only wear it on weekdays and when I’m going out, a bottle lasts for 6 months. Which makes it a no brainer to justify the initial outlay, and with the added bonus of brilliant GWP’s, I’m way WAY in front.

Speaking of Lancôme GWP’s, I scored this beauty the other day at Myer when I bought my foundation. To qualify I had to spend $75, so I lashed out (literally!) and added Hypnose Drama mascara to my haul (I’ll do a review on that later), and chose the Absolue pack below.

So gals, what’s your HG foundation, or are you still in seek mode? Have you tried Lancôme Teint Visionnaire?

Take care of you,
kats xxx


  1. I absolutely LOVE beautyheaven for helping us member find amazing products! It's always great to find a foundation that matches perfectly to your skintone, thats one of the hardest things with foundation, i find!

    No HG foundation as of yet but I really like the Rimmel Wake Me Up Foundation, it adds a beautiful glow to the skin.

    How stunning is that Lancome Quad in the GWP!! I think I need to talk my mum into purchasing something from Lancome just so I can get my hands on the quad!

    1. Well don't give up T&T, I'm sure your HG foundation is out there just waiting to be discovered :-) The GWP is particularly good this time around - I love that it contains a double-ended brush, can never have too many of those. And as for beautyheaven, becoming a member definitely changed my life - they are SOOOOOO generous :-)