Tuesday, 7 April 2015

EOTD: Blue and Wine...

This was my Easter Sunday lunch look - I've been hammering the blues a bit of late, but that seems to be the way with me. It's almost like I have to get a colour (temporarily) out of my system! Not really - even though this is yet another blue theme, I think you'll agree they all turn out differently, and this one included a threat I made good from a post the other night lol...

So here's what I used - MUA matte Midnight, one of my best ever investments ($1.95). I incorporate this shadow constantly - it's a fabulous deep tealy blue, and being matte, I can use it in my crease as well. I laid down a base of Chi Chi Waterproof Gel Liner in Dream Lover - I'm ever so impressed with these liners, they're 100% smudgeproof, and the colours are intense...

I patted the Midnight over the top to about the two thirds mark, and then applied the deepest pink from my Sleek Pink Sprint Blush (yes blush!) palette - Pinktini - on the outer third, and took it part the way along the lower lashline. It turned out as a gorgeous winey purple over the top of the blue gel base, and would you believe, it stayed put the whole day! Along the top lashline, I stroked another Chi Chi Gel Liner - Like a Virgin, which is white, but over the top of the blue, it ended up appearing as bright blue...

I also used the blue Dream Lover gel liner on the waterline - no irritation and it lasted pretty well for about 8 hours, woo hoo! I'll be reviewing (and swatching) these liners in a post very soon. Loving them to bits 

Hope your Easter was a special one

Take care of you,
kats xxx


  1. Seriously stunning, Kat. Loving the whole smoky blue and plum look. It really pops with that lighter blue along your upper lashline xx

    1. Sweet Indie, thank you darling - these Chi Chi liners are SO good, hoping to get them swatched and up here later in the week ♥

  2. I love pink eye shadow, so you can bet I wear blush on my eyes too. I've even relegated my Velourlips to eyeliner - I thought I'd try a nude instead of the pinks I refer to as "my" nudes. It's a nipple brown colour & it doesn't suit me as a lippy, so now it's an eyeliner for lower lash line. This sleek blush blends wonderfully. I love the purple/plum colour.

    1. So glad to hear your lippy wasn't wasted hon - I sometimes use a lipliner as a base, especially if I'm doing a red or orange eye look, there aren't that many red or orange eye crayons out there. Thanks for your lovely feedback hon - I'll be using this blush on my eyes again that's for sure, this particular shade is a tad strong for my cheeks ♥