Thursday, 24 December 2015

Christmas EOTD: Lime Crime Red & Eye of Horus Emerald...

Ahh Christmas Eve - love it! I usually spend at least half the day (and night) wrapping gifts and making them look as pretty as possible. I have quite a large extended family, some of whom I only see once a year, so there's a stack of birthday gifts to parcel up as well. I breathe a huge sigh of relief once they're all done, and then I can relax and enjoy the rest of the evening at home. Most times I'm makeup free (including tonight), so here's an EOTD I created a little while ago to get me in the mood for this special time of year...

Chi Chi Like A Virgin (white) Waterproof Gel Eye Liner was my base, and I patted down Lime Crime Muse and Rebirth from the Venus The Grunge palette, concentrating the lighter shade (Rebirth) close to the lashes. Just adore the bricky reds in this palette - I have absolutely nothing even vaguely like them in any of my other collections  I softened the black eyeliner along my lower lashline with Icon from the same palette, and then lined the waterline with Eye of Horus Emerald Tabula Goddess Pencil. Trust me gals this is THE eyeliner, and I'll be getting my mits on the whole set eventually. Actually tragedy struck last week and I lost my Jewel Amethyst pencil - I reckon it rolled off my bench into the bin (which has now been moved) and it went to the tip. A sad day...

For my Santas-Little-Helper face I used Mirenesse Liquid Silk Foundation, cheeks were DB Cosmetics Desire Lip & Cheek Rouge dusted with the brightest red from the bhcosmetics Glamorous Blush palette, lips were W7 Ruby Lipstick topped with Chi Chi Money Bags Chandelier Gloss...

How do you spend your Christmas Eve - do you do anything special?

Take care of you,
kats xxx


  1. Currently drinking my way through eggnog lol and reading blogs haha like yours, love your eye look! and that lipstick! (Jesscookbirds from instagram!)

    1. Hi Jessica - well Merry Christmas Eve to you my dear! Glad you like the look hon, and so glad you identified yourself, although I would have guessed from your pic. Hope you have a wonderful day tomorrow ♥

  2. It's heartbreaking when you backtrack & the only explanation is the bin. I had to move my bathroom bin because I kept knocking things into it. I usually heard the things land, but I was always worried about throwing out something expensive.

    I'm always on board for the red or pink eyeshadow, love it Kat! Love the red bling too!

    1. Oh well, I bought another EOH purple eyeliner, and I now have the whole set in a jar nowhere near the bin lol! You can always count on me for red somewhere or other, and especially in the bling department ♥