Wednesday, 2 December 2015

SPOTLIGHT: November Empties...

Gee after October's mega exercise, I was amazed at what I managed to get through in November. But I did forget to include hair care products last month, so they've boosted the collection this time around. And I've decided to keep going with this particular theme - for whatever reason, my first article is still scoring hits daily from Google, so someone must find the information interesting lol. Anyhoo, without further ado, off we go...

Schwarzkopf Brilliance Intense Permanent Hair Colour
I alternate between Hypnotic Red and the L'Oreal ones below. Maintaining my vibrantly-hued tresses takes a bit of doing, with fortnightly colourings a must. My hair is actually stark white and so the roots need regular touchups with this shade, but if I use it all over for a freshen-up, I find the rest of my hair becomes too dark (compared to the roots), hence the mixing of the two brands. It's a beaut non-drying formula though, and the pack contains one of those little blister packs of gloss serum. I never use the enclosed conditioner from any dye packs though, preferring to use specialised treatment products each time I colour. Previous review is here ...

L'Oreal Preference Premium Fade-Defying Colour
Two shade varieties here - Pure Spice Power & Mango. Orange-red seems to suit my skin tone better than blue-red, and applying either one of these to the lengths keeps the overall colour from becoming too deep. These packs also include a "Hi-Shine Elixir" gloss to go into the mix. I pick these up (and the Schwarzkopf packs) whenever they're on special (often only $10) so my cupboard is always well-stocked ...

REF Shine Spray
I use a range of REF hair care products to keep my hair in tip-top condition (will do a review of all of them soon), and I am never without this finishing spray - gives my locks an extra boost of mirror shine, and it's super light so there's no build up or sticky residue. Will be eternally grateful to my hairdresser for putting me onto this awesome brand, and there's always a spare on my shelf ...

Versace Bright Crystal Absolu EDP
My signature scent for the warmer weather (review here) - so refreshing, crisp and feminine, makes me smile, lasts all day without swamping the space around me, and I've had countless compliments, even from fellas ...

Lancôme Visionnaire
Have been using this faithfully since trialling it for beautyheaven back in 2011. Transformed my skin to the extent that I looked like I'd been photoshopped, and shrank my enlarged pores more than any other product I've ever used. But at $130 a pop, I started looking for something else that would give me the same results for a lot less outlay. Haven't found one yet, so I'll no doubt buy another bottle before the end of the month. You'll find my bh reviews of it half way down the page here, here and here 

nspa Peach Shower & Bath Gel
Will have to do another round of Confessions of a Bodywashaholic, purely for this brand - bargain priced from the supermarket, and some delightful fragrances. This one is my favourite - smells exactly like freshly cut peaches, and I mean EXACTLY. It's non-drying too, and a must-have for the summer months - picking up another bottle this weekend, without fail ...

Australis Ready Set Go Finishing Powder
One of my can't-live-withouts. I pat this on after I've primed, then add my foundation, and then pat again over the top - stops the shine like nothing else, doesn't accentuate my wrinkles in fact it makes them less visible (along with any enlarged pores) and it never builds up. Just have to make sure it's applied sparingly and evenly or else you see tell-tale white sections in photos taken with a flash (remember THAT picture of Nicole Kidman?). I always have one or two as back-ups ...

Maybelline Master Precise Liquid Liner
Lost track of just how many of these I've bought - still the absolute best liquid liner I've come across, and I use it every day along my lower lashline, and then usally soften it before it dries with a shadow. Never EVER budges, and I don't seem to be able to make a mistake with it - a definite can't-live-without, and I have at least two of them stashed away at any one time ...

Urban Rituelle Coconut & Lotus Hand & Body Wash
Adore this new fragrance from UR - the Hand & Body Wash is more runny than the shower gel, but just as delish, reviewed here ...

Urban Rituelle Hibiscus & Cranberry Hand Therapy
I love so many of the UR hand creams (one in particular is my #1), but this will always be in my kit for the fragrance alone - so fresh and tangy, and the formula is super mosturising. This size is also perfect for my handbag ...

Neutrogena Oil-Free Eye Makeup Remover
Waxed lyrical about this last month ...

Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water
My favourite Micellar water - HUGE bottle that lasts and lasts. I use this instead of toner because it's just so gentle, and takes off the last of the makeup debris. Lovely and cooling at the end of a hot day too - always have this on my bench ...

Glide Pro-Health Deep Clean Floss
I've tried all sorts of dental hygiene products and tools at different times, but I always go back to floss as the most effective way of keeping my gums healthy - this particular variety is not so easy to find, but I buy it whenever I see it (last time was at Chemist Warehouse) and I swear I have at least 5 packs up my sleeve in the bathroom. The other brands are either too thick or too thin for the gaps between my teeth, and besides, I'm addicted to the minty taste ...

Well every product listed here has a , which means you'll probably see it again in a future empties post...
What did you finish up last month?

Take care of you,
kats xxx


  1. I swear one of these days I'll get my hands on a bottle of Bright Crystal Absolu! Might treat myself to it when I finish one of my other bottles...which will be some time in the next millenia lol.

    1. Shell my dear, can't recommend it highly enough - you won't be disappointed xxx

  2. I love the sound of the shine spray! You use so many gorgeous products, love seeing what are keepers xx

    1. It's awesome Indie - truly makes a HUGE difference ♥

  3. I am loving these empties posts Kats! And I definitely think you should treat yourself to another bottle of the visionnaire, sounds amazing!

    1. Yeah reckon I will Monique - I've not found anything else that actually works like this stuff ♥x♥

  4. I love the Australis Ready Set Go powder! It's so good and on the cheap! Everyone needs to go out and buy it ASAP.

    1. I'll never go back to tinted powders hon - it makes my face feel super soft too, just love it! xxx

  5. The REF shine spray sounds interesting. I've never heard of this brand. I await your review. Any good for oily hair?

    1. Hey hon, review of the whole range is almost finished, will do my best to get it up this week ♥ My hair is oily at the roots, and dry on the ends - the spray only sits on the "outside" of the hair if you know what I mean, I use it every single day and it never builds up between shampoos or causes me any issues xxx