Saturday, 19 December 2015

EOTD: bhcosmetics Take Me To Brazil Yellow & Black...

Well whoop-dee-do, at last I'm on holidays, and despite all the Christmas activities, and gift shopping (that I haven't finished yet), I finally have a chance to catch up with my blogging - oh how it's pained me to only post once a week! And with all the prize wins I've been blessed with of late, I have at least 12 months of reviews to write and upload, as well as finishing up my lipstick and foundation refresh articles that have fallen by the wayside. My plan is to get a whole bunch done and dusted over the next few weeks, and stash them away ready to upload at a moment's notice - well that's the plan anyway ...

I'll start with a long overdue and summery EOTD - used one of my all time favourite (and highly recommended) palettes, bhcosmetics Take Me To Brazil. This baby is versatility plus - the pigments are all fabulous, and the colour range means I have just about every requirement covered. If you've been thinking about venturing into the land of colourful eye shadows, then this palette is a great way to begin, and you'll only have to outlay around US$10...

My base was Chi Chi Waterproof Gel Eye Liner in Midas Touch (gold). I concentrated the yellow along the top lashline, and then blended the matte black downwards from the crease, and also took it underneath the lower lashline. Waterline was ModelsPrefer matte black kohl...

For my face I used DB Cosmetics Longwear 24 Hour Foundation. Got myself a rosy glow happening with DB Cosmetics Lip & Cheek Rouge in the shade Irresistible, and then dusted some bhcosmetics Iris over the top. Lips were DB Cosmetics Currant Kiss...

Hope your December hasn't been too frantic so far, and that you'll be able to take some time to relax and enjoy the end of year festivities in style 

Take care of you,
kats xxx


  1. Yellow or gold eyeshadow is one of my quick go-tos when I'm in a rush & can't think of anything else. I use it on the inner corner with just about any other colour. I love the looks from this palette, but I've got most of these colours already, so I can't justify getting yet another eye shadow palette.

    Merry Christmas Kat & all! I've barely got time to think, still in the Christmas shopping frenzy, AAAAAAAaaaargh!

    1. Gosh how interesting hon - yellow and gold are shades I've neglected for way too long. Merry Christmas to you too my dear - I know all about the frenzy, just finished mine yesterday, woo hoo! ♥♥♥

  2. Merry Christmas Kat, I think (hope) I've finished my shopping today!
    I love how you always seem to have the right accessories to pair with your lovely eotd looks xx

    1. Yay hon, well you were way ahead of me - still I'm done now too, thank goodness. Incidentally the earrings in this pic are, wait for it, at least 25 years old! Have a wonderful Christmas sweetie ♥♥♥