Monday, 21 December 2015

REVIEW: ghd Air Professional Hairdryer - Best in Beauty 2015......

If you've ever wondered what difference spending $200 on a hairdryer makes, then hopefully this review will satisfy your curiosity. This amazing device came to me as part of my beautyheaven Best In Beauty 2015 prize pack, and it's blatantly obvious why it won this prestigious award 

I'm a very lucky gal - this is the third hairdryer I've won from beautyheaven competitions. At the time of receiving the others, they were the best I'd ever used, but this little powerhouse is the ultimate when it comes to finish...

SPECS: 2100W, ionic technology, removable air filter, 2 concentrator nozzles, 2 heat settings, 2 power settings, cool shot button. The cord is a generous 3 metres long and unlike every other hair dryer I've ever owned, it's made from very soft and flexible plastic, so there's no kinking or tangling when using it. The unit weighs around 600 grams...

The power and temperature control buttons are housed on the outside of the handle, and they're slightly recessed - so while it's a little trickier to adjust the settings, there's almost no chance of them changing accidentally while you're using the dryer...

The cool shot button is located on the inside of the handle - you press and hold it, and when you let go, the temperature returns to whatever setting it was on before...

There's a hook on the end of handle for ease of storage, and the air filter is a snap to clean...

Overall it's a swanky looking unit, ergonomically designed to suit either right-handers or lefties - it's around 100 grams heavier than any of my previous models, but that's not a problem as I don't have to hold it for as long, which leads me to what is it about this dryer that sets it apart from the others...

First of all the wattage is lower than my last dryer, but it's way WAY more powerful - I literally have to bolt down anything loose on my dressing table or else it takes off! The "hot" setting is also super hot, but not enough to fry my scalp - so with loads more power and heat, that all makes for faster drying time. And combined with the "ionic technology", that means...LESS FRIZZ!

My hair is naturally curly, but about 10 years ago, the curl kinda morphed into an uncontrollable frizz, and a smooth silky finish was only ever achieved by my hairdresser. Well, not any more - with this dryer, even I can convert my frizzy tresses into silky straight shiny locks. In fact it's so straight and silky, I have to remember to curve my hair around the brush for some shape. The other amazing thing is that it stays that way between shampoos - whoa! I can't tell you what a bonus that is - even in high humidity, my hair stays glossy and frizz-free...

Another major bonus is that the ghd air is refreshingly quiet - about half the noise level of anything else I've ever owned, and therefore far less environmentally intrusive, especially in the wee hours...

In summary, this is the best dryer I've ever experienced, and for once, I am in total control of my hair 

Take care of you,
kats xxx


  1. Kats, awesome review on this hairdryer. I didn't know you had naturally curly hair. I do as well which tends to go frizzy particularly in humid and wet weather. How do you dry your hair to achieve such a gorgeous style? I need tips. If I don't have another opportunity, please accept my best wishes for the festive season and I hope 2016 is a great year for you. Roxy.. xxx

    1. Hi there roxy honey! Oooh yes, curls and kinks AND frizz - believe me I have the lot. If there's a power outage and I can't use my hairdryer, I wear a hat (tip #1). Just kidding ♥ (although it sure is true).

      Ok first of all I make sure I always (and I mean always) aim the air flow down - I attach the biggest styling nozzle available (see top pic). Then I take one of those big brushes with a metal core (mine is a Technique Ionic Static Free Antimicrobial one from my hair salon). I divide my hair into sections with clips, and start on the sides. I curve the hair around the brush and then pull it through and straight down, with the dryer nozzle against it on full blast high heat. This dries both sides of the hair fairly quickly, and I keep repeating this action over and over until the hair is sleek and slippery, and barely grips in the brush. I reckon that's my secret - the repetition. Oh and I finish the whole lot with a cool shot of air. I use a couple of excellent before and after products as well (also from the hairdresser) - will be posting an article about them shortly.

      Hope this helps hon. Sorry I'm not brave enough to make a video - the "before" is too scary and might frighten children ha ha ♥♥♥

      And thanks heaps for your lovely wishes - all the very best to you dear lady for Christmas and whatever the New Year brings xxx

    2. Kats, thanks for the detailed explanation about how you dry your hair. Look forward to reading about the before and other products. I will have to try your technique but not in the hot weather as I will melt! Wishing you a happy and healthy 2016 and more wonderful posts on your great blog! xxx

    3. You're so welcome roxy - hoping to post the hair care product reviews tonight ♥

  2. Great review Kat! I was tossing up between this dryer and the VS Sassoon 3Q dryer for Xmas. I ended up going with the VS, so hopefully it works out as well as this one has for you! I used to avoid drying my hair because I am not very good at it lol, but I must practice! X

    Bec | Bec & Beauty

    1. Thanks a bunch Bec - my last two dryers have been VS ones, they're actually terrific (and still working perfectly). Before I tried this ghd one, I wouldn't have considered any other brand if I was in the market for a new one. And yes practice - still doing that myself! ♥