Friday, 3 June 2016

CONFESSIONS: Of a Body Washaholic (Part 16) - Boutique by Grace Cole

Wow three months since my last post in this series! No, I'm not cured of my addiction, just been trying to use up my stash (to make room for more lol) and last month I did my seasonal swapover, which means that some that were almost finished have now been put away till Spring. But I sure haven't stopped looking, and I recently found these pretty-as Boutique Soothing Bath & Shower Gels by Grace Cole at Chemist Warehouse. They're a bit more upmarket than the other range I've tried from this UK company - there are eight varieties, although my CW only has five, but these two were the absolute standouts for me...
The packaging is elegant and classy - each bottle has either gold or silver trim, and a cute little tassel which I didn't want to remove because it's so pretty, but shower stall practicality prevailed. The bottles are sturdy and a generous 500ml for $5.99 (RRP). Almost impossible to photograph successfully though as the label on the back seems to show through at any angle - in short, a bloggers nightmare, but I've forgiven them because what's inside is so delish, and I'll get my revenge when I buy the handwashes, which also have this little adornment. For those with skin sensitivities, they do contain sodium laureth sulfate and benzyl alcohol, but on the plus side they are paraben free, and the company is against animal testing.

Wild Fig & Pink Cedar...with extracts of chamomile, honey & pink peony
This smells like red lollies to me, with a touch of tangy fruit - that's not a bad thing, it's actually absolutely delicious. A crisp, fresh fragrance for all year round, and especially if you want something zingy without being too intense. Literally makes my mouth water, and it's the most gorgeous pastel pink hue  Contains chamomile & honey to soothe the skin - not the most moisturising shower gel on my shelf, but it's not drying either. All up I reckon it's great value for the price, and Chemist Warehouse has this range on special for $4.99 at the mo'...

Nectarine Blossom & Grapefruit...with extracts of Vitamin E, Honey & Mandarin
Of the two, this one has the edge for me - no lollies here, this is a delicate fruit and flower blend with a wee bit of zest. If it came in a perfume bottle, I'd buy it in a flash, that's how much I love the scent, and I'll certainly be buying the hand wash.. Fruit Extract is listed in the ingredients rather than specifically nectarine or grapefruit, but there's also a fair whack of mandarin orange, and that's what my nose picks up. Just plain lovely, and makes me feel super clean and refreshed - will repurchase for sure...

There's a heavenly looking lavender one in the range too, and I'll grab that next for those days when I need some serious de-stressing 

Take care of  you,
kats xxx


  1. These both sound really nice! I think I like the sound of the Nectarine Blossom one best. Glad they're also good value. I currently have this huge bottle of shower wash, but when it runs out, I'll have to check out these!

    1. Yeah the Nectarine one is a beauty Mel - I LOVE huge bottles, especially when I adore the contents, but it means I don't have as much room to try so many others. Oh the pain ha ha ♥

  2. I've seen these at CW but I've usually got a basketfull of stuff. I keep thinking: one day. I love the tassels too.

    1. Picked up the Lavender one on my way home tonight - road testing this week for sure xxx