Wednesday, 15 January 2014

EOTD: Blue on Blue...

Ahhh, just when I think I'm stuck like glue to aquamarine, I fall in love with blue all over again! Of course not just any blue will do, it has to be a fabulously pigmented one (or two), and it's time to pair up my two favourite ones :-)

The lighter shade is essence colour & shine blue moon, a baked shadow I've had for several years, and haven't stopped loving for one minute in that time. It has tiny little sparkles and a wee bit of silver mixed through it - over the top of essence white kajal, it blends so well, and never fails to impress me.

On the outer half & underneath is L'Oreal Infallible All Night Blue, probably the most majestic in my kit - a deep bold sparkly blue intermingled with black. I can't rave about it enough - sigh...if only ALL eye shadows were made like this...

For more info on this range, I highly recommend you check out Gemma Sapphire's latest post on these brilliant shadows - she's included some tantalising swatches too, bless her ...

And on the waterline, my latest discovery - NYX Wonder Pencil! The most natural looking flesh-coloured (well on me anyway) crayon that disguises all my discolourations, and I swear, lasts all day. Gee I pray NYX brings out some colours using this same creamy formula - I'd buy every single one of them! I'll be featuring it on my blog very soon...

Do you love blue as much as I do?

Take care of you,
kats xxx


  1. What a beautiful heavenly blue :) As always Kats your technique and skill at creating your EOTD's is truly a work of art.
    I can understand why you love the Essence blue moon so much. It is a gorgeous shade! Reminds me of a hot summers clear blue today :)
    And there we have the L'Oreal Paris Infallible All Night Blue shadow! Hello there you pretty thing ;) I am loving the deepness of the colour blue here.
    You've paired these shades up perfectly to create a really lovely dreamy EOTD. They work so well together!
    And thank you so dearly for sharing my post! You didn't have to do that sweetheart but thank you so much. It means so much to me that you love my post so much. I was thinking of you when I was creating it. xx

    1. Hey babe, I'm just so excited that we're on the same wave length! You know I hardly ever do arm swatches because I find it darn near impossible to take a photo holding the camera with one hand, so I did the next best thing - connected the dots leading to your fabulous swatches (is that considered cheating in the blog world?). I'm so relieved you don't mind hon xxx

    2. Oh no it's not a bad thing at all! It's an incredibly generous thing and it makes me feel ecstatic cause I know how much you love my post :D thank you so much!
      We are infallible sisters now ;-) ××

    3. You bet I love it hon - yes we're infallible AND infaillable xxx

  2. Wow this blue EOTD is simply divine, I love how it gets smokier towards the outer corners. It's dramatic and attention-catching, absolutely loving the colours you picked - a perfect pairing :)

  3. I did wear blue in my :::cough, cough::: younger days and didn't think I could wear them now that I am older. You have now shown that I can wear blue but it definitely has to be the right blue and that blue is totally gorgeous kats. Gorgeous equals totally hot.

    1. I think you'd really like the essence blue moon Mandy - I always load it on extra thick and over the top of a base, but on it's own, it's quite sheer and delicate, and the prettiest powdery blue. Would look stunning with your blonde tresses hon :-)