Wednesday, 29 January 2014

EOTD: Lavender and Aquamarine...

Here's a cheery splash of color to get over the midweek hump. Some hues just seem to resonate together, and lavender and aquamarine are one such pally pair.

My base was MNY Tattoo in Painted Purple. I haven't used this in a while because I find it quite sheer, but for this particular pastelly purple it was perfect (gosh so many 'p's lol).

Over that on the inner half went a sparkly lavender from the BYS Diamond Shadow Miami Beats palette. There are quite a number of pretty softer shades in this pack, I really should pull it out more often than I do. This range is so cheap and readily available at K-Mart and Gloss - the pigmentation potency isn't always prevalent across all pans (oops more 'p's), but on the whole I find them great value.

On the outer half is one of my true loves, and a regular on my blog - essence Metal Glam in Jewel Up The Ocean. I swear it's so buttery you could spread it on toast! Well maybe not lol...

Love how the join between the two colors came out turquoise :-) I blended both shades over the MNY liner along the lower lashline (left and right accordingly), and the final touch was a faint smear of NYX Eye/Brow Pencil in Seafoam Green on the waterline...

Have you ever had a lavender/aqua moment?

Take care of you,
kats xxx


  1. I haven't tried these colours together, but it makes sense that they would pair together beautifully. I love the way that you have applied these dreamy colours xx

  2. Thanks Indie girl - always seeking the perfect pairing, but there's so many I love...sigh... ♥

  3. Beautiful as always my sweets :-)
    And I agree with my home girl IndieAna ;-) They go together so wonderfully! It reminds me of a mermaids pretty xxx
    I really need to get to Target so I can grab some NYX products!

    1. Ooh I like your description Gemma - yes very mermaidy you clever honey. And you simply must make Target your target very soon :-) I've been very restrained and apart from 2 X wonder pencils, I've only bought a couple of nyx lippys. The seafoam liner was a pressie from Hissycat Krissy, bless her... xxx

  4. These colours work well together and look good on you, Kat.

    I don't think I know how to open up my eyes without looking like a startled rabbit. I tried today with my recent eye looks and thought "Gosh, I don't think the ladies will like this one !!!" and chose another photo. It's getting the lower lid to show more colour with eyes open, that I'm finding difficult. I'd love to do a "rainbow" eyelook but there's seems to be too little "lid" space :(.

    Arty Girl

  5. I understand completely Arty - I always raise my eyebrows when I take my pics, some gals only take photos either looking down or with eyes closed, others tilt their heads back, it's all about finding what works for you hon :-)