Monday, 13 January 2014

EOTD: Radiant Orchid 2...

Wasn't happy with my first attempt at "creating" the Pantone Colour of the Year for 2014 (Radiant Orchid) from the shadows in my kit, but this one is far closer to what I was trying to achieve. Still not vibrant enough to do justice to this fabulous shade, but I'll keep at it until I'm satisfied :-)

For comparison, here is my original attempt - not pink enough!
This colour is really more pink than purple, so I started with a dark red base - MNY Colour Tattoo in Pomegranate Punk. This worked far better than using a violet or purple as both have too much blue in them. Over this I blended UD Fishnet, essence hyped up & Sugarpill Dollipop. I smoked the outside and underneath with Sleek Villain from the V2 Matte palette. 

On the waterline is Mirenesse Superlong Wear Gel Mineral Face Colour in Purple Tart. In hindsight, white probably would have worked better here, although I was aiming for something smouldery...

Of course the more red that a shadow has in it, the more dangerous it gets for my old eyes - have to make sure I have an early night if I'm planning to wear this shade the next day :-)

Attempt #3 will be sometime in the next fortnight - a darling friend suggested a particular L'Oreal shadow (which I've managed to get hold of), and I'm determined to get this right!

Have you found an eye shadow that is a true match for Radiant Orchid? If so PLEASE let me know it's name and who makes it 

Take care of you,
kats xxx


  1. Oh Kats I am loving this shade!
    I think you're so close to the radiant orchid shade! I can't wait to see your attempt number 3 because if you think that this shade here can be improved then its gunna be a stunner. I think this EOTD is so beautiful and I love the purplish pink. So pretty! And it really suits you!

    1. Aww gee Gemma, I'm so glad you like it hon - I was SO much happier with how this turned out, and with everything that's going on over at Petal's bh thread, I'm bound to find the absolute perfect match in the coming weeks :-)

  2. This is a beautiful shade, Kat ! How do you manage to make your eyes look so sultry ? Now don't tell me it's the eyeshadow at work because even without any eyeshadow, eyeliner, etc., your eyes have that sultry look !!! I don't think I've seen eyes with such a look before; not even on the most beautiful models :).

    Arty Girl

    1. Gosh Arty, you have me blushing big time lol... Believe me they don't look like that when I go to bed at night ha ha - actually I close them ever so slightly when I take the pic, just so they look nicer, it's a trick I read in a mag somewhere :-)

  3. I think this is perfect as is but I love your attitude! Go for gold :) Can't wait to see the next attempt x

    Your EOTDs with vivid colour are my favourite & always make me smile. My wardrobe, my food selection, possessions, everything in my life is colourful...colour makes me so happy. I thought you would like this lovely blog: :D

    1. Oh wow themissus, thanks heaps for the link hon - I've taken a quick peek and this sure does look like my kinda blog to follow. Where would we be without colour hey?