Saturday, 15 March 2014

REVIEW: Models Prefer Sweet Kisses...

A few weeks ago I was incredibly lucky enough to win the gorgeous Tulip Love's Sweet Valentine Giveaway, and the prize was a Models Prefer Sweet Kisses box of make up. (Before I go any further, this beautiful lady is having a massive 500,000 + page views giveaway till 3rd April!). I so rarely get to Priceline, so I was overjoyed to score this huge kit of all sorts of products, but I was particularly excited about the eye shadows (natch!)...

This is such a cute tin, heaps bigger than I had originally thought (about the size of a box of chocolates). There are two layers inside, each with a plastic protective film over the top. The first layer is made of sturdy compressed foam with little ribbon tabs on each side for easy lift out, and contains 16 eye shadows. Despite being lovingly encased in mountains of bubble-wrap by my darling Tulip, it would appear that Australia Post may have used it for football practice(!), and one of the pans (Truffle, bottom left) was smashed to smithereens - everything else was in perfect condition though ♥.

After numerous unsuccessful attempts, I do declare that my swatching ability totally sucks, so I'm sending you over to an expert, the beautiful Gemma Sapphire, who reviewed this tin back in October last year :-) They are a mix of mattes & shimmers, and as is often the case with palettes, the pigmentation of some of the colours leaves a lot to be desired, but there are some absolute GEMS (OMG Mint Slice!) as well. I've done three EOTD's so far using these shadows, and I'll upload them over the next few days...

The bottom layer contains all sorts of goodies - two blushes (pink & peach), a bronzer, highlighter, eye primer, double-ended brush and a combined volumising mascara & brow gel. All the removable products are housed brilliantly in the moulded foam, and snap securely into place...

So far I've only tried the blushes (very wearable & blendable), slightly shimmery bronzer (a bit deep for me but works beautifully in small doses) & the brush, one end of which is flat and perfect for applying my cream gel bases onto my lids. The other end is domed (I think it's called a pencil brush) - I don't have anything else like it in my kit, and I'll be experimenting with it for smudging eye crayons...

I'll report on the other items in future posts as I use them. I'm determined to get the chalky less pigmented shades to work, but overall I'm loving this tin, and ever so grateful to Tulip Love for the opportunity to add it to my collection 

Take care of you,
kats xxx


  1. Thanks so much for sharing my blog you sweetheart :-)
    I honestly don't know what Aus Post does with our parcels. I've had hairspray arrive (which was thickly wrapped in bubble wrap) covered in dints. I couldn't believe it! What a shame you lost some shadows :-(

    1. Lol Gemma, the thanks are to YOU doll! Can't swatch to save my life, and even if I get it right, I can't photograph them, I seem to always take a pic of my foot ha ha... My pretty tin has a big dent too, but at least I'm only missing one shadow ♥

  2. HAHA you're hilarious! Football practice sounds about right, I've had a couple of eyeshadows smashed despite 'fragile' being written on the parcel.

    This is such a pretty palette! Loved Gemma's gorgeous swatches :)

    Can't wait for the EOTDs to follow, work it babe! xo

    1. Hey hon, I have this image of "Parcel Soccer" that I can't dismiss, all those red & yellow packets flying around and being dribbled across the depot floor - it's wicked! EOTD coming right up xxx

  3. Kat I'm so glad you're enjoying playing with this palette!
    It's awful that one of the shades was smashed though! It must've been handled quite roughly :(

    1. I'm having an absolute ball Tulip - I love the blushes too :-) Today I blended the peach and the pink and together they made the perfect coral!