Thursday, 9 October 2014

EOTD: Lime and Lavender...

Apart from my camera capturing the purple component of this look as blue (boo!), I think it's such a fresh and pretty combo for Spring..
For my base I used two kajal pencils by essence - SCREAM GREEN on the inner corner, and LOVE ME LAVENDER over the rest of the top lid. All essence crayons create fabulous foundations for any shadows - they're dense and creamy, the colour range is brilliant, and they cost less than a packet of chewing gum...

I'm making good use of this Max Factor Wild Shadow Pot in Untamed Green (thank you again darling Gemma!) - I adore the vibrancy of the shimmery lime, and it makes me smile from the moment I apply it to the time I take it off ♥ Over the lavender kajal, I pressed down the purple from the L'Oreal Color Rich Disco Smoking palette - yes, the shadow is most definitely purple! I've had this colour shift problem with all cameras I've owned, but I'm not about to start fiddling with the photos, so you'll just have to pretend it's purple lol...

On the outer corner and in the crease, I blended the mossy green from the NYX Bohemian Chic Matte palette, and added MNY single shadow #741 under the lower lashline. On the waterline is Green Physicians Formula Shimmer Strips Gel Liner... 

As you can see, my lashes are continuing to lengthen and gain some volume, so much so that they're starting to get tangled (woo hoo!), even the lower ones - this is thanks to one of the beauty world's miracle products, RapidLash. I've just about finished my first tube, and will post a RAVE REVIEW of this sensational stuff very soon...

Take care of  you,
kats xxx


  1. Kat you must have an incredible eye for colour, because I'm always stuck on what colours look good with other colours! You make it seem so easy haha! These colours really make your beautiful blue eyes pop, I think I'll need to get out my coloured eyeshadows and start experimenting ;)

    Basmah | Lacee & Lattes

    1. Hey Basmah, thanks sweetiepie - I get my inspiration from just looking around me, you know, fabric, nature, magazines, anything really, but most times I just match whatever I'm wearing. If I like the colour combo in an outfit and it looks good with my skintone, I can usually make it work on my eyes :-)

  2. GORGEOUS Kat babe :) ××
    I'm so happy that you love the Untamed Green shadow. It always looks magical on you.
    How funny that the camera turns your purple shadow blue! Purple or blue your EOTD still looks absolutely amazing!
    My friend, you are so talented! :D xx

    1. Well now Miss Sapphire, it's pretty high up on my list of faves - I've never been all that into lime green, but I'm so thankful you sent it to me 'cos I'm having so much fun with it ♥

  3. Another beautiful combination of eye colours kats. Truly lovely on the eye :-)

    1. Thank you Mandy my dear - I was a little disappointed that the purple didn't really show up, but I love green and blue together anyway ♥