Wednesday, 10 June 2015

REVIEW: Lacura (Aldi) Lipsticks...

Like most gals, I LOVE a bargain, and while I'm reasonably fussy when it comes to lip products, I'm eternally open to discovering a range that's cheap as chips AND feels and looks good on my pout. I fell in love with the Lacura Minerals range last year (review is here), but was less than impressed with the packaging of the regular lipsticks - the case was a very ordinary matte black, and every time I pressed the bullet to my lips, it kept disappearing back down inside the tube! Well I'm delighted to say that Lacura have given their "available everyday" range a makeover, and it's a beauty...

Left to right: Chestnut, Classic Red, Rose, Blackberry & Grapefruit

Don't these look gorgeous? They're only $4.99 and available in the back section of the store, usually on the right-hand side. There are 6 in the range (I'm missing the nude, which is always out of stock), they're all boxed and sealed, and they even have testers!

The formula is intensely moisturising, and contains shea butter, jojoba oil and Vitamin E. They have a lovely glossy finish and even I feel they're shiny enough to wear alone - the deeper shades are more pigmented than others, but on the whole, they're more like a lip butter than a traditional lipstick...

Although they have a tendency to be sheer, you can build the colour easily - the dark ones leave an excellent stain, and only need to be reapplied after eating. For those of you who are concerned with fragrance, they have a faint smell not unlike Nivea face cream, they're dermalogically tested, and the pack says they're made in Germany...

So here are the swatches - all taken under my makeup light, and this first set is over bare lips so you can see the intensity and finish as it truly is...

This second set is over a matching lip-liner, and as you can tell, they do respond well to a little support  I always use a lip-liner underneath ANY lipstick as I have freckles on my lips, and it's the only way I can be sure the brown blotches are hidden...

I love them all, except for the Rose one - it's just too pale and sheer for my particular needs. Overall I think they're excellent value for under $5, and I will be repurchasing 

Have you tried any of these Lacura brand lippies?

Take care of  you,
kats xxx


  1. I was just at Aldi yesterday too (a rarity for me) and I didn't even think to see if they had makeup! I did get a bit sidetracked by the skincare which I want to try out at some point. Looks like another trip there is in my future as I quite like the look of 'Chestnut'. I like both of your versions of it (with and without liner) - they look like completely different colours but I like them both! :)

    1. I agree there's a difference between the two sets of swatches, some colours more than others - same lighting, but the liners I used aren't necessarily an exact match. Hmmm - methinks I need to refresh my lip liner collection as well lol! Chestnut is also one that's close to my heart ♥

  2. Chestnut & Blackberry look good. I've got some Lacura eye cream ready to open. I've heard good things about their moisturisers but they don't come with SPF. The eye cream is the first thing I've bought from Lacura.

    1. I've tried quite a few of their skincare products over the years, all excellent quality, but nothing startling enough to keep me repurchasing. Currently trialling a serum and a cleanser - both very good especially the serum, will review soon xxx

  3. I cannot find the Lacura Beauty lipstick in "Grapefruit", anywhere. Any idea if they still make it?