Monday, 16 February 2015

CONFESSIONS: of a Body Washaholic (Part 9)...

Hello we're onto Part 9, and the remaining three body washes from the Part 8 photo, but I've snuck in an extra Imperial Leather one that isn't pictured in the group shot, only because I wasn't able to find it until last week. Not every supermarket carries the whole range, so you might have to scout around if you want to try all nine of them  

Chi Chi Peach & Mango Shower Gel...

Sadly this was a bit of a disappointment. I'm crazy about the Peach & Mango EDP - it's bold, bright and full of fruity fresh bravado, but this gel doesn't pack nearly the same punch as the perfume. It's gentle and cleanses effectively, but that's about all I can say about it. Smells nice enough, but I was hoping for something of the same calibre in the scent department. It's non-drying, but I don't find it particuarly moisturising either - oh well, I'll finish it up, but won't repurchase...

Lush Snow Fairy Limited Edition Shower Gel...

This little seasonal darling was recommended to me by I don't know how many friends and fellow blogger gal-pals, so I took advantage of the "Christmas in July" special release last year to add it to my collection (it's normally only available from November). As soon as I popped the cap I knew why it is so loved by so many - the scent is amazing, like the most delicious cherry/raspberry lolly you've ever tasted! An absolute delight to slather this yum-fest all over my body, my mix was put together by "Rafal", and has a recommended use-by date just over 12 months after manufacture. I do so appreciate knowing how long I've got before the ingredients lose their efficacy, not that there's any chance of a body wash lasting more than six months in my bathroom lol. 

The colour reminds me of pink bubblegum, and the formula contains tiny little sparkles of blue glitter which you can see in the bottom of the bottle, but I didn't notice any on my body after cleansing. Overall it leaves my skin beaurifully soft and delicately fragranced. Highly recommended and loved by moi (♥), although compared to other gels, it costs a fortune ($16.95) for such a small bottle...

Imperial Leather Oriental Bloom (No. 24)  Body Wash...

It's pretty obvious I'm a massive Imperial Leather fan, so much so that I can't imagine NOT having at least two or three on my shower shelf at any given moment. This Cherry Blossom & Vanilla variety is the last one in the set that I've tried, and while it's a lovely balanced floral fragrance, it's not something I would go for all year round. It's very sweet, a tad too sweet for my nose, and there's a baby powder element to it which I normally love, but combined with the particular mix of flowers in this formula, it's just a wee bit too much for me to appreciate more than once every couple of weeks. Ingredients include cherry, red berries, rose, jasmine, sandalwood, vanilla and musk - sounds fabulous doesn't it, and I've no doubt there will be loads of lovelies who will adore it 

Urban Rituelle Hibiscus & Cranberry Bath & Shower Gel...

I raved about this gel back in November last year - at the time I hinted it might just be my #1 body wash of all time, and three months later, that's still the case. For value, scent appreciation and hydrating power, this is THE one for me. If I'm running late, I don't need to moisturise after showering because this formula is so enriching, my skin doesn't need anything additional to keep it supple and soft all day. The fragrance is so refreshing, and it's riddled with a whole stack of goodies from nature, PLUS it's super concentrated - the huge bottle is lasting me considerably longer than any of my others because such a small quantity is required for a deliciously lush lather. Simply divine 

The rest of the series is here...

Take care of you,
kats xxx


  1. I'm going to have to buy the Urban Rituelle Hibiscus and Cranberry Bath & Shower gel. To be labelled your number 1 body wash pick of all time, this one must be special!

    1. Hey there Fabulous - it's truly is a gem, but I'll be absolutely mortified if you don't like it! Actually all the UR shower gels are amazingly moisturising, so you can't go wrong with any of them, it's just a matter of fragrance choice ♥

  2. I purchased the Snow Fairy body wash for myself around Christmas time last year and initially I found the scent to be a bit overwhelming. However it is growing on me. I just love Lush products and the colour is my fav! :)

    1. It's rather potent hey Candy - but it sure is fun, actually I used it again today. The level in the bottle is starting to dwindle, and I'm regretting not picking up another one at Christmas - will have to wait till July now boo!

  3. I do like Snow Fairy, but I prefer Rose Jam. You're making me want to get some Imperial Leather!

    1. Don't remember if I've sniffed Rose Jam TP - will try it out tomorrow night! Imperial Leather washes are so inexpensive, well worth a go hon ♡