Tuesday, 3 February 2015

REVIEW: Ego QV Face Nurturing Night Cream...

Been saving this one Out of all the Ego QV Face products I've tried from my awesome win, this has the #1 spot on my faves list - it's truly a gorgeous cream. Amazingly light, almost a gel-like consistency (and a pretty good dupe of some of the exxy branded ones), and it lasts forever! Well it's probably a bit soon to talk about forever, but I've been using it every night for five weeks, and there's barely any drop in the level of product in the jar - it's amazingly concentrated, smooths over my skin without any greasy residue, and absorbs within minutes...
My face truly loves the softness it brings with only a tiny dollop, and any dry areas I had are long gone. I've had issues with night creams six times the price (!) congesting my pores, I think because they're just way too rich for my combination skin, even though I'm of mature age - I invariably have to alternate them with something far less intense, and then I get into a pickle because I can't remember from one night to the next which one I used last! So to have only one jar that meets all my moisturising needs is a blessing 

It's not an anti-wrinkle anti-ageing cream by any stretch of the imagination, nor does it purport to be, but for just under $20, it gives my complexion all the hydration it needs to recover from whatever I've put it through in a day. When I wake up, there's no oily sheen on my face, nor any tightness or flaky bits - my skin just feels super soft, and exactly how it ought to feel if I'm looking after it...

Like all Ego QV Face products, there's a manufacture and expiry date on the bottom of the box, so stocking up when it's on special is not going to give you any headaches either...

Having tried a wide range of ritzy-ditzy creams with all their fancy ingredients, I'm really quite taken with the refreshing simplicity of Ego QV Face Nurturing Night Cream 

Take care of you,
kats xxx


  1. Hey Kats,
    Fantastic review! Your so honest, thorough and it all just makes perfect sense to me with what you are saying!!
    So happy you are enjoying the QV Face Range! Love to know what you think to the Creamy Cleanser? Assuming you also received that in your big win!
    I have just over the Christmas period and this month purchased all new skincare - Alpha - H and I absolutely adore it and have never seen my skin actually improve so much! Very happy and will be sticking with this brand 100%!
    Love Flaming Beauty xx

    1. Hey babe, what a lovely LOVELY comment to read at the end of a long hard week - thanks treasure! The Creamy Cleanser, hmmmm, do you mean the Gentle Cleanser? Hope so because that's what came in my prize, and my review of it is here: http://katscolourings.blogspot.com.au/2014/12/review-ego-qv-face-gentle-cleanser.html

      So excited to hear you've found a skincare line that you're thrilled with my darling - gosh it can take YEARS to track down the best one for your needs, well done. Love and hugs to you ♥