Tuesday, 10 March 2015

REVIEW: bhcosmetics Wild & Free palette...

Palette #2 in this baked shadow set, and an absolute star because there's such a variety of hues, and I'm such a massive fan of blues and greens Actually the third one in the series is called Wild Child - I bought it, but being all (what I would call) neutrals, I gave it away to a much more appreciative gal in my first ever Instagram comp last December...
So here are the colours - all absolutely gorgeous! The two greens in the middle row don't look particularly green in the palette shot, but they are in fact stunning olivey limes as you can see from the swatches - can't wait to try these out, especially paired with that fabulous copper in the middle...

The lavender and the blue are also standouts, and the white in the bottom right-hand corner actually has a touch of blue in it - deliciously icy.  Needless to say the aqua is totally droolworthy - here it is in action, on the left with a white base, on the right, a teal liner underneath...


Of the two palettes, I think this one is the most versatile, but I'll hold off announcing which is my fave for a few more weeks yet. Like Wild At Heart, stunning pigmentation, easy to blend, cheap as chips (they seem to be on special pretty much all the time), need I say anything more other than WOW?...

Take care of you,
kats xxx


  1. It looks like two different colours on the top left & right! I love a multi-coloured look, so I love it with the lavender liner. I'd like to see it with those two olivey limes.
    Great palette!

    1. It's a beauty neurotic - always fascinates me the difference a coloured base makes. Doing an olivey lime look today, hopefully the pics turn out so I can post tonight ♥

  2. At first, I always think BH cosmetics looks a bit cheap and not so great. But.. whenever I buy their products, I'm always blown away by the quality! This one actually looks really nice! xx

    Sweetaholic Beauty

    1. I was the same at first Jasmine, but now I know better - the only thing I've ever been disappointed in from bh is their lip products, they just don't cut it for me, but the eye shadows and liners are fantastic ♥