Sunday, 21 June 2015

REVIEW: Urban Rituelle Fragrance Diffusers...

I'm relatively new to "natural" fragrance diffusers - I used to have one of those plugin types in every room in the house, until I read a few articles about the potentially toxic contents of some brands. So I ditched the electric supermarket variety, and started using fragrant candles. While I adore these for creating a relaxing atmosphere and specific mood, I really wanted something that would release a continuous fragrance even when I wasn't at home, and that didn't require monitoring. So I turned to a company that makes superb quality products infused with the gifts of nature, and that's also very dear to my heart - Urban Rituelle...

They currently have around 12 unique fragrances in their diffuser range, and I found it quite torturous trying to decide which one to choose for my first experience. In the end I went for Romance, an exquisite blend of Amber & Musk, two of my favourite scents of all time  I included this as part of the voucher prize I won last December, and it was the perfect choice, not only because the scent is truly magical, but also because it teams so decoratively with my charcoal, grey & white bathroom decor (see pic below). I have this jar of delight sitting on the edge of the spa, and the warming and calming notes of musk, amber and a hint of jasmine gently permeate the whole room. I actually wish they'd release this particular blend in their perfume oil range (hint hint UR!) - I'd be the first to line up to buy it, boy oh boy it's ever so sensuous...

My second choice (during their recent sale) was something for my blogging headquarters, and I went for an enlivening fruity tang - Creativity, the most refreshing and zingy blend of Pink Grapefruit & Lime Zest. When I walk into the office, it's as if someone has just cut some of these citrus gems for a fruit salad - very stimulating, and it's no wonder they gave it the name they did. Not as subtle as the Amber & Musk, but not in the least bit overdone either - just perfect in fact, crisp and tantalising, and if I get too close, my mouth waters ha ha!

The UR fragrance diffusers are all handmade in Australia, they're a very generous 190ml size, non-flammable, and the reeds are made of natural fibre. Life expectancy is from 4-6 months depending on the room air flow, and how often you turn the reeds. I'm always wanting maximum output so I flip mine over twice a week - I SO look forward to this little ritual as I end up with some of the gorgeous smelling oil on my fingers, which is always a fragrant treat ♥. 

UR does not test on animals and all their product packaging is recyclable, although I still have these boxes on my shelf because they're way too pretty to throw away. RRP is $37.50, but they're forever having sales - I don't think I've ever paid full price for anything! What fragrance will I choose next? Gaaaahhhh! What a dilemma, with names like Euphoria (Guava & Lychee), Balance (Fresh Fig & Melon) and Country Garden (Pear & Vanilla), but I can feel Comfort calling me - Sandalwood & Tangerine, mmmmm...yes please 

What's your favourite fragrance for your home?

Take care of you,
kats xxx


  1. Thanks for this, Kats - there are fragrance diffusers everywhere but not all worth taking home and it's good to know recommendations, especially from someone whose judgement I trust. so pleased you are enjoying your Urban Rituelle goodies.
    With love,

    1. Hello my darling friend! These are so lovely, I'll be getting more as soon as the budget recovers from the last order ha ha ♥♥♥