Sunday, 3 January 2016

SPOTLIGHT: December Empties...

Hmmm - this series is becoming more embarrassing with every post! I'm only a petite gal, but I seem to go through so much stuff in a month. Oh well, at least the body wash count will be zero for January as the ten bottles (!) I have in my shower are all pretty full ha ha. And of course there will always be four empty boxes of hair colour for as long as I choose NOT to be a white haired lady lol. I don't want to bore you with repeaters, so there's a new section at the bottom where I'm listing all the monthly products that I've already mentioned in previous empties posts...

Palmolive Passionfruit Bodypolish Exfoliating Body Wash
Adore this stuff - reviewed here ...
Repurchase? There are already three bottles in the bathroom cupboard...

Imperial Leather Summer Bliss Mango Butter & Frangipani Triple Moisturising Body Wash
Delish - reviewed here.
Repurchase? Won't buy it again for a while, but only because there's no room in the cupboard (see above)... 

Original Source Pink Grapefruit Shower Gel
The fragrance is lovely, but not potent enough for me (reviewed here). Have just bought the Lime one and the Raspberry & Vanilla one, which are much more intensely scented... 
Repurchase? I'll give this one a miss as there are others out there waiting to be discovered ha ha...

Original Source Tropical Pineapple Shower Gel
My favourite of the range so far (reviewed here), but the Lime and Raspberry & Vanilla are new contenders...
Repurchase? Yes, when space permits ...

Natura Siberica Nourishing Cream-Soap
Loved this - bought if after reading A Bella Adventure's beaut review (here). Smells divine, nicely moisturising, big fat bottle, I'm mad keen on it because it's different, AND full of goodness...
Repurchase? Yes indeedy!

Chi Chi Persimmon Eau De Parfum
This Chi Chi fragrance is gorgeous - fabulously fruity and fresh, I've reviewed it twice already (latest one is here). Doesn't last as long on my skin as my fave Peach & Mango, but I adore it's tarty tang ..
Repurchase? If Chi Chi DON'T release the new Tutti Frutti in a large bottle, then definitely. I still have some left in my Travalo, and one of the small vials, but the TF has won my heart...

Alpha-H Liquid Gold
Was ecstatic to find this in my last Marie Claire Ageless Parcel. Haven't used this magical elixir for about two years - just forgot about it in amongst the sea of skincare I seem to immerse myself in constantly. Anyways I've just finished using this every second night for about a month - did the full monty (i.e. stroked it onto my face after cleansing, and then added...NOTHING), and it still amazes me how soft and supple and hydrated my skin is the next morning without the usual additional layers of serums and creams. My complexion looks and feels fabbo - refined and toned, glowing and refreshed, and no irritation or flaking. More please ...
Repurchase? For sure - as soon as I see a good deal on the giant bottle. I think I need to apply this all over my bod...

Scentrelle Reverse Time Face Serum
Lovely hyrdating serum - came in my prize from those lovelies at Bloggers United AU. It's basically an unfragranced oil which at first I thought was quite light, but then I started to have major shine issues during the day (mind you the weather didn't help) so I stopped using it in the mornings, and kept it for my overnight replenishment - magnificently moisturising, no obvious improvement in my skin though. Would suit gals with much drier skin than I have - my T-zone still churns out a ton of oil. AND I've said before that fragrance-free products bore me after a while, and that's what happened here, although I was delighted to finish it, and I'm ever so grateful for the opportunity to give it a try.. 
Repurchase? No - there are others that excite and entice (and suit) me more...

Nude Face Scrub
Fell in love with this almost a year ago (review here), and I'm still experiencing the same passion - my #1 fave scrub, and has never been absent from my bathroom shelf. Simply put it has the best consistency, exfoliating power and fragrance (lemon/lime) of anything I've ever used ...
Repurchase? Forever and a day...

St. Ives Oatmeal Scrub + Mask
Discovered and reviewed at the same time as the Nude one, this is another that is a constant in my life. There's something so yummy and comforting about the oatmealy floral smell, plus I love the fact that I can leave it on as a mask. It's incredibly soothing ...
Repurchase? Yes - I always buy a spare before it runs out...

LonVitalite Coconut Milk Hydrating & Nourishing Facial Mask
Another treat that came in my Bloggers United AU prize. For whatever reason, I avoided these cloth type masks for many many moons, but I'm totally sold now. In fact I may NEVER use a regular mask again. The big attraction with this was that I spent 20 minutes on my bed doing absolutely nothing. Unheard of for me, but there you go, I did it, and I'll be doing it again - I reckon it's good for this gal. The mask itself is super easy to apply (although it takes a little untangling), but once on my face, I just laid back and let it cool and calm my skin. When the time was up I lifted off the cloth and splashed a little warm water on my face and patted it dry - talk about glowing, my skin felt (and looked) like new! Love the fresh natural fragrance too - winner ...
Repurchase? I have another up my sleeve already, but I need to do a bulk order so I can pamper myself a few times per week...

Swisspers Make-Up Pads
I don't even look at other brands - never ever leaves fluff on my face, soft and gentle, but super strong too. I keep them in a large container on the vanity, which is why the wrapper hasn't appeared in my empties list before...
Repurchase? Constantly - I usually by three or four packs at a time and stash them away...

Ostelin Vitamin D
A few years ago I had a Vitamin D deficiency - too much time in front of the computer, and not enough outdoor activities no doubt. Hazardous at my age as without Vitamin D, calcium isn't absorbed, and my last bone density scan was an epic fail. So I don't take chances any more and have one of these capsules every day, and I think my body can handle the liquid form better...
Repurchase? I am never without a bottle...

Listerine Reach Dentotape
This tape is a lot wider than regular floss but I have largish gaps between some of my teeth, and this is the only one that lifts out whatever is well and truly wedged in place, although it is a tight fit. I alternate it with the Glide Pro Health Deep Clean Floss. Between the two of them, my gums are staying healthy - even my Dentist is impressed :-)
Repurchase? Several spares in the drawer because it's hard to find, but Chemist Warehouse always saves the day...

Garnier Nutrisse Permanent Nourishing Hair Colour - Copper Passion & Fiery Red
I'm perfectly happy with my L'Oreal and Schwarzkopf hair colourants, but this was on special and the Copper one was such a fabulous shade on the box lol! Works just as well for me as the others - about the same level of stink, and my hair was nice and soft afterwards. I never have a problem with fading anyway because of my dyeing frequency and the shampoo I use. The Fiery Red is coolish (for the roots), and the Copper Passion is warm (for the ends) - combining the two, I ended up with a gorgeous shade of red that's neither cool nor warm, just rich and bold. Hmm, I might have been converted...
Repurchase? Sure as eggs - I live in fear that the other brand reds will be discontinued, so I'm relieved to know this combo works brilliantly...  

Every Monthers, & already covered...
Dove Original Deodorant Stick
Neutrogena Oil-Free Eye Make-Up Remover
Colgate Optic White Toothpaste
Schwarzkopf Brilliance Intense Permanent Hair Colour
L'Oreal Preference Premium Fade-Defying Colour

January empties post should be a bit more interesting as I'm experimenting with some new skin products - yep, Little Miss Fickle 

Take care of you,
kats xxx


  1. I had a pretty big month for empties too, it's embarrassing when you stop using product to trial different ones, and you return to find you left 2 uses in it!! Oops.

    1. I'm about 50/50 with finishing things - half the time I'm very strict with myself and don't open anything new till the last drop has gone, and the other half I say what the hell and crack open the exciting new product lol ♥

  2. I like the sound of the Natura Siberica but as a moisturising hand wash rather than a body wash. I imagine it could be used that way? What does it smell like? All the reviews say it smells good but what smells good to someone else may smell like hell to me lol. ;) I'm concerned because it says it contains 'pine oil' and I hate the smell of pine. Please tell me it smells of something else!

    1. I couldn't smell any pine hon, but it's really hard to describe - sort of herbally, tangy, sour, sweet, gahhhh! I deliberately haven't reviewed it because I'd be waffling on ha ha - have a sniff of it in Chemist Warehouse. There are a couple of different formulas, but this one I liked the most. Incidentally I interchange hand washes and body washes all the time, with no ill effects so far. Natura Siberica also make a couple of specific body washes - the one I have will probably appear in March's empties list. Really hard to describe that one as well - I've read some gals think it smells like sweat, but I love it ♥♥♥

    2. Thanks for your reply Kat! I think I'll have to go have a whiff as it sounds like an interesting mix!

  3. least you get through things! great empties

    1. True hon, but if you saw my bathroom bench, you'd wonder how - it's COVERED in stuff that I haven't finished yet lol xxx

  4. I managed to finish a decent amount of products last month, which surprised me....although my amount is miniscule compared to yours! After my next empties post I might have to start creating my own "every monthers" section for the hand cream I use, since I do go through it every month & don't want to bore everyone by going "yep, THAT again" haha.

    1. Well done Shell! I think I might leave the every monthers out of the photo next time, either that or buy a wide-angle lens lol ♥

  5. Wow nice one! I struggle to finish products. I also buy Swisspers in big packs too

    1. Hey there Mel - I can assure you it's a struggle for me to finish things too, although some items are easier than others. Actually I'm trying a lot harder now that I'm doing one of these posts every month - it's sort of an incentive if you know what I mean xxx

  6. Good job Kat,,I have not been able to empty any of the products last month,,just been a lil slow..

    Varinder Makeupmeandyoyo

    1. Thanks sweetie, although there's no prizes for empties, other than I get to try something else without feeling guilty ha ha ♥x♥

  7. I don't think your empties are embarrassing at all! I think it shows you're not a lazy person. Me, I look at my body lotion and think 'I'll do that tomorrow'. Consequently, it used to take me ages to get through one bottle. I'm trying to change that now. Great post!

    1. You're a sweetheart mskyliem - actually funny you should mention body lotion. I don't think you'll EVER see one of those in my posts - I'm exceptionally lazy when it comes to moisturising my bod! The other stuff is easier because I use it all the time ♥

  8. So many empties, hun! So glad to read what you would buy again. Keep adding to my wishlist, lol xx

    1. Ditto Indie - I'm really enjoying doing these posts as I don't have time to do a separate "December favourites" article, but they're all in these ones anyway ♥♥♥

  9. I love the Mango Butter & Frangipani, plus those Original Source Pineapple & the Vanilla/Raspberry too - lush!

    Did you know the organic Swisspers are made in Netherlands whereas the regular makeup pads are made in China? I like to avoid products made in China on my face. There have been too many health scares with Chinese products. They cost the same. Just thought you'd like to know. Great reviews Kat!

    1. Swisspers make organic ones? Gee wiz hon, thanks for the tip - I haven't seen them anywhere, but then again I haven't been looking. Neato! ♥x♥

  10. Another great empties post! I LOVE these posts as you get a real idea of the product. Its like the perfect ultimate product review because the whole thing has been used up and finished. I am currently trying my hardest to finish up all my current beauty products before I buy more.......instead of having several spares of everything waiting to be used.
    Keep em coming!!
    Love Flaming Beauty xx

    1. Flaming honey, how lovely to read you! Hope you're well (you sound great)and you're absolutely right about the empties posts, they're a great way to find out what really works and what doesn't. Some of these products deserve their own page, but this will do for now ♥♥♥