Saturday, 10 September 2016

SPOTLIGHT: 2nd Quarter Fave LOTD's, Oranges...

Of all the lipstick colours in the world of beauty, I find orange the most challenging. I adore it, and because of my particular skin tone, I can pull off most variations, but matching it to clothing is a whole other ball game. The difficulty is that unlike nudes, pinks, reds and even purples, there's actually not a lot to choose from out there in lippy-land. Most brands have several available in their range, but they're often more coral than orange, or else they verge on fluoro, and to match the various pieces in my wardrobe I often have to mix a few shades together or slick a gloss over the top to get the right tone. Anyways I only managed to scrounge up six standouts in the last quarter, and three of them were faves in the first round, But you know me, I'll keep looking lol...

Sadly the Revlon Bronze Beauty has been discontinued, but can still be found on eBay & Amazon, which is where I'll be heading in the next few weeks so I can grab another before it's gone forever. A unique shade that's been in my kit for years - really bummed it's been dropped from the range as it's absolutely gorgeous for Autumn. The MBA Spiced Pumpkin is a fabulously potent beauty, and a darling friend sent me the matching eye shadow...spoilt hey ...

Starlet is an ancient brand that I used to find in Woolworths, but now only seems to be available in Kmart. Their cosmetics range is hopelessly old fashioned, but this Raspberry (Raspberry?) one is a winner for around $5, although whoever named it needs a new light bulb. And how about that BOE Primped? - stunning pigmentation, and for $2 they're practically giving it away ... 

These last two could easily be categorised as reds, but when lined up alongside other scarlet hues, they're distinctly orange, so here they are. I already have a spare of the Maybelline Fab Orange as the formula of these pencils is astoundingly comfortable, and the Ulta3 Pretty Poppy is the only one of the set that is opaque enough for me to wear - very similar to the MNY hue, but more glossy...

Well that's this particular series over, but it won't be long till the July/August/September ones are up. Till then keep well and safe lovelies, and have a fun-filled Spring 

Take care of you,
kats xxx


  1. Yep orange / coral / orangey-red are the one tone I feel I can't carry at all, any red with the vaguest hint of orange gets swiftly passed on. I like the Starlet one though, I think it's more pinky nude!

    1. It's a pretty shade hey Beth - I don't have anything else quite like it in my kit. Yes even I find oranges need to be selected with great care ♥♥♥

  2. Loving Fab Orange, one of the best drugstore oranges on the market! ����

    1. I concur Christina! SO hard to find oranges that aren't streaky or blotchy, and this one is smooth, sleek, dense and fruity fresh xxx