Saturday, 3 September 2016

SPOTLIGHT: 2nd Quarter Fave LOTD's, Berries & Purples...

I make no secret of the fact that I'm not a Winter fan. There's no denying it does have some benefits though, like covering up all my bumps under layers of clothing, boots (LOVE boots!), and of course I get to (officially) indulge my passion for deeper hued lip products. Berries, plums and purples probably suit my skin tone best of all, and consequently I have absolutely no intention of restricting my adoration of these rich shades to the chilly season - some of these are just so darn gorgeous, I'll be wearing them all year round  Below are just a few of the ones that have earned a forever place in my heart over the last three months...

The Max Factor Intense Plum has an almost metallic finish - I love it so much I already have two spares tucked away. And Chi Chi Lady Bump will always be in my kit 

The Maybelline Color Blur pencils are (in my opinion) one of the best lip products that MNY has ever released (rave review HERE) - SO easy to work with, super comfortable formula, the perfect (not completely) matte finish for me, and the stain lasts for ages. This is the only repeater from the first quarter lineup. Adore the Milani Chilled Brandy - I only discovered how brilliant Milani lipsticks are earlier this year. Lovely and moist, amazing pigment, and the packaging is classy  

These two a very similar, but sufficiently different to warrant their individual purchases right? I think I have almost the entire set of MNY Velvet Lip Pencils (yet another rave review HERE) - cheap as chips, and I also use them as a lip liner for other lipsticks. The BOE Primped has just a wee bit more pink, and of course I need every possible shade variation  These lippies are absolute bargains, must buy some more lol ...

Ahh Revlon - I'm not even sure they make these shades any more. From memory I picked these up from a bargain table in Myer - unusual from this brand as they don't make too many purpley ones. Actually I've just checked their website, and Violet Frenzy is still listed - yay! 

Here's Revlon Seduction again - I included this extra LOTD to show you what happens when I use a brighter and more pink lip liner underneath. It's quite sheer and I find it needs some support or else it turns out a bit blotchy - maybe that's why it's been discontinued? The Australis Velourlips formula is a tad drying for my wrinkled lips, but I find it so easy to apply, it lasts well, and this particular shade is a stunner 

And last but not least are the MBA purples - all their lipsticks are beautifully bold and sassy, moist, long lasting, and I reckon they do purples better than anyone else ...

I can't possibly pick a #1 fave out of this selection - love 'em all for different reasons!

The final installment in this series (Oranges) will be up before the end of next week - regrettably only six. I tend to wear orange more in Spring and Summer, and I haven't added very many to my collection of late, mainly because none of the ones I tested were up to scratch finish-wise - does anyone else struggle to find orange lippies that apply evenly?

Take care of you,
kats xxx


  1. Loving aaaall the purples!!! It really suits your skintone so beautifully!!! I'm loving seduction and violet frenzy- what gorgeous shades! Mind you, Stargazer is just WOW! on you too!!! Hurray for colour!!!

    1. Aww thanks treasure! Aren't those Revlon ones fabbo? Who knew they could do them so well lol, and I LOVE my MBA purples xxx