Sunday, 6 May 2018


A few months back I was approached to review some of the products from, a website I hadn't come across before. They so kindly gifted me with two items of my choice - a stunning watch, and prettily patterned travel cosmetics bag...

They have an interesting mix of all sorts of stuff - from MacBook cases to baseball caps, eyewear and office bits and bobs, and the bonus is that shipping is free! My two items arrived safely and securely packaged in separate bubble bags and came from Beijing in China...

I'm seriously over the moon with for the watch  Even though I have a Samsung Gear AND a phone to tell me the time, I still love to accessorise with a matching watch, and I couldn't believe my luck when I opened the pack to discover that the one marked on the website as the "green" variation just so happens to have an olivey green band that matches so many items in my wardrobe! There are no markings on the back of either the watch or the band, but both are beautifully finished, and the mechanism has a subtle but solid sounding tick. The half pattern on the face is fresh and stylish and has an almost watercolour quality to it, plus I'm confident I'll be able to change the battery myself (as I do with all my others)...

I chose this particular makeup bag primarily for the pattern - on the website the main colour looks black, but I'm thrilled with the navy, olive & white combo. It has a flat base and metal frame around the top which means it stays open and freestanding when I want it to. The outside feels like a heavy-duty gaberdine, and the inside is lined with a waterproof material (not plastic) and there are two handy internal side pockets. The zipper seems sturdy and strong, and there's a small matching ring pull on the end. For me it's the perfect size for what I take to work - large enough to fit all my touch-up makeup items & brushes, dental floss and a purse-sized fragrance bottle, and yet it's not too bulky for my tote bag...

The watch is priced at $19.99 and comes in three colour-ways & four designs - two black, one blue and one green, and the two black ones have different floral patterns. There are also four choices for the Travel Cosmetic Bag, which sells for $14.99...

There was a surprise free gift with the watch too - a cute-as gold-toned bracelet with a star charm, and I put mine somewhere SO safe that now I can't find it (boo!), which is why it's not pictured. Totally bummed, but I'm sure it will turn up eventually...

I found the website easy to navigate, and I'm so happy with the watch that I ordered the blue one (lol!), and no doubt you'll see it (at least on Instagram) when it arrives...

Thank you yrGear for the chance to try out some of your fun products - I'm looking forward to re-checking your range as it grows, and please please PLEASE keep the free shipping! 

Take care of you,
kats xxx


  1. That makeup purse looks sturdy. Congrats on getting the freebies, Kat!

    1. Yep it's going to last a while - I reckon it might even survive the old washing machine! Thanks for all your comments tonight hon, really appreciate your support xxx

  2. I'm in need of a new watch. I'm off to check out this website now!


    1. Hope you find something you like Ingrid - I'm so looking forward to when my blue one arrives ♥♥♥