Sunday, 27 May 2018

SPOTLIGHT: April Empties 2018 + Giveaway!...

Well, my monthly product turnover doesn't appear to be slowing down! Of course there's always going to be quite a few sheet masks and eye patches (I'm addicted), but there are a bunch of "regulars" here, so I'll concentrate on the ones I haven't mentioned before, or at least not for a while ...


Bondi Sands Liquid Gold Self Tanning Dry Oil (150ml, RRP $19.95)
One of my can't-live-withouts. Have tried lots and lots of self-tanners, and this is the one I've settled on - never fails to deliver an even, golden, natural looking tan, and it dries in less than a minute. The best! ...
Absolutely, but probably not till around October when I peel off the winter layers...

Dermaveen Shower & Bath Oil (500ml, RRP $16.99)
Another can't-live-without, especially in the cooler weather when my skin shrivels. Covered in several previous Empties posts, and full review HERE ...

Dove Original Antiperspirant Deodorant (250ml, RRP $5.25)
Believe it or not, I've had this since November 2016! It was part of the goody bag from the Bloggers United Event, and it's been on my bench ever since. While I'm a devoted Dove stick deodorant user in Summer, I'm not at all keen on aerosols of any kind 'cos I loathe breathing in the fumes, but I managed to hold my breath and FINALLY use up this can. It's awesomely effective for keeping wetness and odour completely at bay, and it has that lovely baby powder fragrance that Dove does so well ...
No, but only because I'm thingy about sprays...

Graham's Cucumber & Aloe Vera Natural Body Wash (250ml, RRP $15.95)
Love, LOVE, LOVE! Full review HERE ...
Already have, but I've stashed it for next Summer when it will once again become my #1...

Natura Siberica Extra-Firming Hand Cream (75ml, RRP $14.99)
I absolutely love the Oblepikha hand cream, and this one was a GWP from Chemist Warehouse. Absolutely love this one too - enriching without being greasy, this will sort out any dry skin woes you might be experiencing. Has a lovely delicate, powdery, floral fragrance and it leaves my hands feeling soft, nourished and much loved. Ingredients are 99% natural origin and include Siberian ginseng & limonnik nanai (Vit C & E). You don't need much ...
You betcha...

Oral-B 3D White Luxe Perfection Toothpaste (95g, RRP $9.49)
For the majority of my life, I've been a Colgate gal, but I switched to Oral-B several years ago because of a change in taste preferences, and haven't looked back. Been working my way through their range, and this is my latest purchase. I'm sold on the fresh peppermint taste, and I like that this is icy blue instead of the usual garish stripe. It's enamel safe and keeps my pegs shiny and bright ... 
I have a stash that I picked up on special...

Swisse Ultiboost Memory + Focus - Ginkgo, Brahmi & B Vitamins (50 tablets, RRP $29.95)
Earlier this year I went through a period where my short-term memory frequently went out the window - I was struggling to remember the names of everyday things (and people!) in conversations. I didn't know if it was exhaustion, stress or old-age, but it was ferociously embarrassing, so I bought this jar and within a couple of weeks, I was back to normal (thank goodness!) ...
I still don't know the cause, but I'm guessing it's a combination of everything I mentioned above, so I'm not taking any chances and will continue to buy these for a while lol...

Urban Rituelle Mandarin + Basil + Lime Hand Cream (100ml, RRP $24.95)
One of my favourite hand creams EVER, the fragrance is to die for, and it's chockfull of goodness - I reviewed it years ago HERE ...
Once I get through the five I currently have open, without a doubt...


Beauty by Nicholas Eye Alchemy (15ml, RRP $49.99)
Still my go-to eye cream, full review HERE ...
My peepers absolutely INSIST I do!...

Bioderma Sensibio H2O Micellar Water (250ml, $31.99)
Reviewed this in my Micellar Magic series (HERE). It's outrageously expensive, but it's the best ...
I reckon I'll always have a bottle of this in my stash...

Bioré Charcoal Pore Minimiser (92ml, RRP $10.99)
This little gem has already appeared in three previous Empties posts, love it. Hasn't reduced my pores any further than when I first used it, but they aren't getting any bigger either lol ...
It's a staple...

Graham's Natural Raspberry Organic Lip Balm (4.25g, RRP $7.95)
I haven't actually reviewed this on my blog or beautyheaven, but it's my favourite lip balm. Deliciously hydrating (and tasting) I apply this at various times throughout the day whenever I'm not wearing lippie, but ALWAYS before bed. I've included a few in some of my giveaways, but not any more, I'm keeping them all for myself ha ha! ...
Till I'm pushing up daisies...

Sukin Oil Balancing + Charcoal Pore Refining Facial Scrub (125ml, RRP $12.95)
My rave review is HERE. The more Sukin products I try, the more impressed I become - the best value range of natural Aussie skincare ...
I stock up whenever it's on special, which thankfully is often...

Face Masks

BLAQ Charcoal Eye Mask (Box of 5, RRP $29.99)
In my March Empties post, these are beautiful but you cannot walk around in them, so take advantage of that limitation and RELAX ...
Hoping they're on special in next Priceline skincare sale, but if I not I'll buy them anyway...

Lancôme Advanced Genefique Hydrogel Melting Mask (RRP $29)
Part of an Instagram prize from Adore Beauty, there are almost no words for this beauty. In their words "...contains the same amount of bifious extract found in one full bottle of Advanced Genefique Serum". Whatever that bifious stuff is, it works. This is the sheet mask to end all sheet masks - the most plumping, smoothing, refreshing, hydrating, firming & hydrating mask I have EVER tried. Also comes in a box of 4 for $110, which is top of my Santa Wish List ...
Sigh...saving my pennies as Christmas is 7 months away...

LonVitalite C7 Collagen & Gold Lip Mask (Box of 6, RRP $35)
Mentioned these in February's post, just adore them. If I could afford it I would use one every day and say goodbye to my vertical lip lines ...
Yes - I only have one left!

Neutrogena Youthful Boost 100% Hydrogel Mask - Smoothing (RRP $5.99)
If you're overwhelmed by the choices of sheet masks to try, then give this one a go. For $6 it blew me away. Comes in 2 pieces (preferred) and has optional flaps to cover eyes and lips if you want to treat absolutely everything (awesome innovation), very pale lilac colour which looks almost clear when you're wearing it so it won't scare the cat or young children, contains hyaluronic acid & adenosine, nicely hydrating and smoothing. Winner! ...
Gonna buy a stack of these next time I see them on special...

Purederm Ginkgo Eye Puffiness Minimizing Patches (2 pairs, RRP $3)
Always raving about these, introduced my hairdresser to them and now she's hooked too! Word is spreading though, and every now and then they're out of stock at Kmart - quelle horreur! ...
Kmart restocked on Friday so I can breathe again...

Skin Republic Retinol Hydrogel Mask (RRP $12.99)
One of several new additions to the SR range, I think I prefer this to their gold one (did I say that?). Another one that won't frighten anyone, it's in two pieces, the nose flap is longer than usual so it covers my big schnozz, it sits quite high under the eyes so it works on that area too without needing separate eye patches. I left it on for the full 40 minutes and was impressed with how my skin looked and felt afterwards. Contains hyaluronic acid, peony & jojoba - the results aren't as spectacular as the Lancôme one, but it's the next best thing, and far more affordable ...
Yep - this will be a quarterly (at least!) treat for me...


Tilley Aromatic Reed Diffuser - Pink Lychee (150ml, RRP $24.95)
Adore this in Spring and Summer, waxed lyrical about it back in November HERE ...
As soon as the weather warms up...


Schwarzkopf Colour Specialist - Cool Ultra Light Blonde (RRP $18.99)
The best home hair colourant on the market - gave it both thumbs up and a bucketload of gold stars HERE ...
Priceline & Chemist Warehouse regularly have this on special, and there are three boxes in my bathroom cupboard...

Schwarzkopf Live Salon Permanent - Ultra Light Ash Blonde (RRP $13.99)
The second best home hair colourant on the market, I use this to create my highlights. It's one or two notches below the Colour Specialist for gentleness and low damage, but still streets ahead of anything else out there. I did a mini-review in my January Empties post in which I wished they made a Light Ash Blonde, and was thrilled to discover they do - found it at CW! ...
Two boxes under the vanity...

Schwarzkopf Live Colour Pastels - Cool Grey (RRP $5.49)
Appeared in my March Empties post, and you'll be seeing it over and over again ...


Australis Ready Set Go Finishing Powder - True Translucent (RRP $13.95)
Yet another of my C-L-W's, the only setting powder that works for me to control shine in any temperature and minimise the appearance of my pores and lines. It's a shaker style with little holes in the middle of the pan - way too much powder comes through, so when I peel back the seal on a new jar, I only take it part-way and then cut the half I've lifted off. Also comes in a pressed compact version, which I carry with me wherever I go ...
Always one or two in my spares drawer...

Colourpop Creme Gel Liner - Teaspoon (RRP US$5)
My #2 eyeliner for the waterline. Doesn't last as long as my EOH faves, but there's no stinging or eye-watering, and this colour is the most fabulous bright emerald green. As with all Colourpop propelling pencils, the product always separates at the base inside the tube so you have to keep pushing it back in, and only being available from their US website means shipping costs and waiting for delivery, but for US$5, I'm prepared to put up with those annoyances ...


I've chosen five of my April faves for one of you lovelies - I'm keeping this pack lightweight so the OS gals can join in...

  • 1 x Skin Republic Retinol Hydrogel Mask
  • 1 x LonVitalite C7 Collagen & Gold Lip Mask
  • 1 x Australis Ready Set Go Finishing Powder - True Translucent
  • 1 x Natura Siberica Extra-Firming Hand Cream
  • 1 x Neutrogena Youthful Boost 100% Hydrogel Mask - Smoothing

All products were purchased by me, and the total value is approximately $53.

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    Best of luck to all who enter!

    Take care of you,
    kats xxx


    1. I would love to try the extra firming hand they say often it is the hands that give away a persons age so a really good hand cream is essential.

      1. I'm sure you'd love this one Fawn - to be honest I'm torn between the two from this brand that I've tried, they're both excellent xxx

    2. I would love to try the Australis powder! I have an oily T-zone, and don't have time during my workdays to do any touchups apart from blotting. So a good setting powder is always an essential for me!

      1. Stackcats the Australis powder is the bomb for shiny bits, it doesn't build up, and it makes my pores far less visible xxx

    3. I’ve been hanging for your review of the Lancôme mask, now I have to buy some!

      1. Well worth trying at least once Anne, or better still get someone to buy it for you lol - it's really spesh, and the hydration power is amazing xxx

    4. I am excited about the 1 x Neutrogena Youthful Boost 100% Hydrogel Mask - Smoothing, because I want to put it on my face and get the radiance boost that my face needs.

      1. Hi Cassandra, I'm still amazed by the quality and effectiveness of the Neutrogena mask - the price is appealing when compared to other brands xxx

    5. I would love to try the skin republic retinol hydrogel mask. I've really enjoyed using other skin republic masks and it looks like you did as well!

      1. Sure did Isabel - I'm a devoted fan of so many from their range, and this new one is up there with the best xxx

    6. Hi Kats I’ve got to ask is it Kats or Kat? Anyway the Australis setting powder sounds good. Have you thought of poking holes through only the holes you want to use?

      1. Okatko I'll answer to either hon, but my nickname in my misspent youth was Kats with an "s". Your idea for piercing the holes is a revelation! Hadn't thought of it so thanks a million, I'll definitely be poking and prodding my next jar lol xxx

    7. Another lovely prize Kats! The Natura Siberica hand cream sounds lovely.

      1. Ooh yes Angela, it's a treat for dry chapped hands, and just plain older ones too - my wrinkles don't seem as obvious after a tube of this, and my nails and cuticles are thanking me big time xxx

    8. How cute are those bee eye masks? What a fab comp! Can never have too many masks ��

      1. Aren't they fun Mel? I think they were $5 from Kmart - I have to keep moving them around to take my selfies, so they don't get a chance to do any good, but they're infused with cucumber & green tea extract x

    9. I'm DYING to try the lip mask because my lips are in such horrible condition! ps. Nice job on using up products! xoxo

      1. Amy doll, so happy to see your name here! The lip mask is fabulous - I'm only giving one away so that someone else can experience how wonderful they are, but I'm panicking a bit as I only have one left now, gotta get another box! xxx

    10. wow.. i am most excited to try the translucent powder... hope to win.. xoxo

      1. I swear by the translucent powder Sandhra - I gave up on tinted powder because it always seemed to build up and look cakey by the afternoon x

    11. I dislike aerosol deodorant too! I've tried Natural Siberica hand cream in the blue tube & it smells delicious! I've just written my beautyheaven review for that Oral-B toothpaste. I'll have to hit up Kmart for those eye patches.