Sunday, 13 May 2018

SPOTLIGHT: 1st Quarter 2018 Fave LOTD's - Part 1...

Gosh, it won't be long before the year is half over (eek!), so it's high time I got these personal favourite LOTD's from the first 3 months of 2018 up on the blog! Below is a selection of the brownsoranges and reds in my collection that I either discovered (or re-discovered), and that deserve a mention ♥...

I choose a lipstick colour each day to go with my outfit (although sometimes I pick the lippie first and then the reverse applies), and while I don't have many holus-bolus brown pieces in my wardrobe, some items have components or trims in this earthy shade, and so I choose a toning lipstick to tie them in...

1. Up first is NYX Liquid Suede Cream in Club Hopper, so deep and rich, quite long lasting, but I wish this formula wasn't quite so drying - nothing a little slick of gloss won't fix though...
2. Next is another NYX Liquid Suede Cream in the shade Downtown Beauty, one that makes a regular appearance in these posts because of its yellow content...
3. Next is Maybelline Colorsensational Lipstick - Bronze Metal, also quite golden, but with a dash of pink which makes it ultra-flattering...

4. Edging into the bricky shades, this Maybelline Colorsensational Lipstick in Crazy for Coffee is an old fave for its warmth without being too reddish...
5. The middle one is a Colourpop Matte Lip Cream in a shade I absolutely adore - Love Bug! Oh how I wish it wasn't so lip-shrivelling - you can see how it accentuates my deep creases, but I put up with it because to me it is the epitome of Autumn, and I really have nothing else like this colour in my collection...
6. On the end is another oldie-but-a-goodie - Milani Lipstick in the shade Candied Toffees. Lots of orange content and a lovely moist formula, despite its age...

7. I would wear a lot more orange lippies if I could find ones that are intense, dense and don't apply all patchy and streaky, but it's always one of my life challenges to find a good one, and even harder to track down a yellowy-orange. #7 has lots of red, but still most definitely an orange - NYX Intense Butter Gloss in Orangesicle - it's fabulous! These glosses from NYX are still my Number One in terms of intensity and comfort...
8. In the middle is Chi Chi Viva La Diva Lipstick in Hot Mamma - is this orange or red? Let's call it rorange, another one with a refreshingly moist formula, and pretty good wear time...
9. This last one is definitely a red - Maybelline Colorsensational Lipstick in Fatal Red - always a winner in the orangey-red section and keeps my lips supple from morning till night...

10. This next one came in a LipMonthly bag, it's by Mirabella - Modern Matte Lipstick in the colour Crimson. This was a great find as it dries quite mattish, but doesn't suck all the juice out of my lips, and its lasting power is quite remarkable...
11. In the middle is one that earned a spot mainly because it's by Lacura (Aldi) - Matte Liquid Lipstick, with no name on it that I can find, but really quite comfy for a matte liquid. Very thin and sheer so for me it requires building, but might suit any gal wanting a red that isn't too bold. Pretty good for the price too (I think it was around $6), but good luck with finding it...
12. Last one in this row is ModelCo Lip Crayon in Red Velvet - another LipMonthly delightful discovery as I don't go for the brand as a rule, but this crayon is a beauty, and the true red pigment is a stunner. It's also non-drying...

13. On the left is one that appears in most of my fave posts - it's just the best, for colour, comfort and wearability - L'Oreal Bloody Mary...
14. Last of the true reds is Rimmel The Only 1 Lipstick - One-Of-A-Kind. This one blew me away with its intensity and super glossy finish. Love!...
15. Lucky last is a recent acquisition and one that I ummed and ahhed about what section to put it in. Alongside the pinks it's obviously a red, and in here with the reds it looks more pink, but I had a spot left in the row. Anyways this is Nutrimetics Hydra Brilliance Lipstick in Garnet, a brilliantly hydrating pout perfector, lovingly reviewed HERE...

Part 2 will be up shortly, and incidentally, you can see all my LOTD's for the year on Instagram - #katslotds2018. Now for what I hope is a nice surprise! I bought an NYX Lippie Countdown Advent Calendar in the Priceline after-Christmas sales for a ridiculous price, but I have SO MANY lippies I'll just never get to use these, so I'm giving the box away to one of my followers. Lots of gorgeous nudes plus a few boldies, and a mix of glosses, mattes & lingeries...

While this is not heavy it's bulky, so the giveaway is open to...
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    Take care of you,
    kats xxx


    1. The NYX Intense Buttergloss in Orangesicle is the one that I find most enticing but I really do love colour so any of the lippies shown I would be happy to wear. The milani candied toffees looks lovely also. Life is way too short to be afraid of colour :)

      1. Couldn't agree with you more Fawn - colour is life!

    2. Now I don't own any Nutrimetic's lipsticks, however the Nutrimetics Hydra Brilliance Lipstick in Garnet that you've shared is the one that is speaking to me, Kats! In a big way! I don't know what it is, but these past twelve months have me going for a lip colour palette that I have never gone for before, and I am loving it! High-impact shady lady!

      1. You go girl! My life changed dramatically (and WAY for the better) when I joined bh, and embraced colour in a way I'd never dreamed I would (and waterlining ha ha!). That Garnet is a true gem - I'm so happy you love it too TUD!

    3. Orangesicle has me tempted (love the name, love the shade of orange) and I don't have any oranges in my collection!!

      1. Dara my dear that Orangesicle is a killer lip colour, and the formula is so blissful to wear with it's massively moisturising qualities - well worth a try! I'm chuffed you like it, not many gals go for orange lippie xxx

      2. Yay, Dara! Congratulations!

    4. Hot Mamma and Garnet would have to be my favourite colours. I’m not going to enter this one Kat as I have too many lippies as it is!

      1. I admire your restraint Okatko, but I also know the feeling - my collection is so ridiculously huge, I can't even wear them all in one year. Another giveaway will be up soon!

    5. These shades are amazing! So many lovely nude shades :) Crazy for coffee it looks nice and creamy.

      1. Hi there Isabel - yes Crazy for Coffee is one I trot out fairly regularly, such a comfortable formula, and the shade is super flattering x

    6. My eye is drawn straight to those beautiful reds! The intensity of that Rimmel Only 1 is amazing! I wasn't so thrilled with Only 1 - but I don't have it in this shade, it's a winner!

      1. It's so deep and bold and intense hey misfortune8 - it really was quite a surprise ♥