Tuesday, 30 October 2018

REVIEW: Ecotools Wonder Cover Complexion Brush...

Every once in a while something comes my way that not only skyrockets to the top of my can't-live-without list, but also has a major impact on my beauty life, and this Ecotools Wonder Cover Complexion Brush is the BOMB! ...

Ecotools Wonder Cover Complexion Brush

Part of a gifted PR pack, it sure didn't look like any of my other foundation brushes, but nothing could have prepared me for the difference it would make to my daily face routine. I mean, this fabulously compact 100,000 bristles brush has cut my foundation application time by minutes, and when minutes count, that's a bonus worth a blog rave! ...

First up it's very short and stubby, and incredibly dense, and that's why it's so magical - it picks up liquid foundation in the blink of an eye, and combined with its unusual oval shape, my makeup is on my face and streak-free in less than 20 seconds, I kid you not ...

Ecotools Wonder Cover Complexion Brush oval shape

On most days I need medium to full coverage. While I don't have to deal with blemishes, I have scars, spider veins, pinkish patches and freckles (which, now that I'm older, are shatteringly referred to as age spots), and while I can get away with sheering out my foundation on some days, there are times when I just want to cover the lot and go for as flawless as I can get. Well, with this brush, it's finally possible! The slim but firm shape makes it super easy to push my base into the sides of my nose, under the brow bone and around my hairline without getting any slap where it's not supposed to be, and the bristles aren't just firm, they're also incredibly soft, which means the application is smooth and even ...

Another bonus is that the box says "best with liquid & cream foundation", but I find it BRILLIANT for applying powder foundation too! I've been using a baby kabuki for my mineral makeup, but have always had to pinch the bristles together to apply the powder evenly and thoroughly around my angular bits. However with this Wonder Cover brush, I can slap it on in a flash, and the finish is magnificent ...

Ecotools Wonder Cover Complexion Brush box label

Totally blissing out over this brush, and if you need full coverage, then this is the tool you've been waiting for. The blurb also says that dampening the brush before application will allow you to sheer out the finish, although I haven't tried this yet - I'm still basking in the afterglow of hiding all my flaws in a fraction of the time it usually takes ...

The Ecotools Wonder Cover Complexion Brush RRP is $24.99 - I've not seen it in my local Priceline store, but it's available on their website, and on special at the mo' for $19.99. Gonna get me another one of these for sure. There's also a Wonder Impact Shadow Brush (25,000 bristles) which I'll be reviewing soon, and a Wonder Colour Finish Brush (60,000 bristles) in the same range. Ecotools brushes are cruelty-free and the handles are made from renewable bamboo ...

Thank you Ecotools for sending me this awesome timesaving, skin-perfecting brush - I'm in love! ...

Take care of you,
kats xxx


  1. Some of the Eco Tools brushes are unbelievably good! And so affordable . TFS xo

    1. I agree entirely Amy - I have a blending one that I've used just about every day for the last 5 years, and I wouldn't replace it for anything! I especially love that the handles aren't too long - I have to position my makeup mirror so close (blind as a bat) I can't cope with any of the other telescopic ones out there ha ha xxx

  2. Wow that's so impressive Kats. I'm gunna have to hunt one down. Amazing hiw effective it is and less time it takes to apply. :) Freaky xoxo

    1. Yep it's a beauty that's for sure Freaky - thank goodness it's available online as I haven't seen it "in the flesh" anywhere. I'll be buying another so I can have one for powder foundation and one for liquid - it's equally fantastic for both ♥

  3. Applies foundation in less than 20 seconds with a flawless finish sounds like a good investment. I use their eye duo brushes and am happy. Look forward to your review on the wonder shadow brush.

    1. I couldn't believe it the first time I tried it Okatko - it's kinda weird how it works, but it sure works. I should add it takes a bit longer for powder foundation - a massive 30 seconds lol! x♥x