Friday, 8 August 2014

COME PLAY WITH ME: Winter into Spring...

Woo hoo! My turn to choose the Come Play With Me theme this time ♥ And true to form, no surprises here  lol - hey if I get to choose, then you can pretty much guarantee I'll come up with something COLOURFUL! And I realise it's still technically Winter (brrrrrrr!), but I figured I should put together something that might just entice Spring to show her pretty face (and flowers) ahead of time...

Of course if I'm going to do colour, then I'll invariably use my Sugarpill mattes - they're just so incredibly versatile and blendable, and I simply can't imagine a springish theme without them. I deliberately toned them down a few notches because I only wanted to create a tantalising little soupçon of Spring that would lure our most precious season out from the dark, and into the light...

It seemed appropriate to start this whole affair with an icy base, so I chose Maybelline Color Tattoo in Too Cool. Over this I added a hint of yellow (Buttercupcake) along the top lashline to represent the sun - oh please come and warm us all up! On the inner corner I then blended the two pinky purple shades (Poison Plum and 2am) to remind Our Fair Lady that we need a bucketload of blossoms to brighten the landscape and fill the air with exquisite fragrance. After this I included a fair whack of new leaf green (Acidberry) and a lush foliage shade (Midori) to encourage nature's growth spurt, and then finished it all off with a vibrant blue (Velocity) to encourage clear, cloud-free skies 

But I wanted to keep it real, and let's face it we're not quite out of the chilly woods yet, so I lined my waterline with a wintery green (bhcosmetics Huntress)...

So to all my darling Come Play With Me companions, how would you go about beckoning Spring from the dark depths of Winter? So looking forward to seeing your take on this hopeful theme ...

Woo hoo - IndieAna's fab look is up!
And you MUST check out Hailey's work of art - nothing short of exquisite...
AND Monique has just published her play time - a tribute to orange, so gorgeous...

Take care of you,
kats xxx


  1. Oh Kats. I don't know what to say....your creation has me sitting here with my mouth wide open and I'm speechless. How beautiful. Snap out of it Gemma and tell Kats how much you love it!!!!
    :D You've captured Spring in the most perfect way....full of colours yet with Winter still sticking its nose in every now and then :D I love the way the colours you've chosen all work together like magic and merge along your lash line to create the most stunning eye catching effect. So wonderful!
    I love this EOTD Kats and desperately want to try it myself. But I know I could never do what you can. You are a truly talented gal xx

    1. My beautiful Gemma, what heartwarming words from you, I'm feeling all gooey inside ♥ It's made my day knowing you really like it hon - I bet you'll come up with something totally divine sweetie, can't wait to see what manifests from your precious creativity ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

  2. Hello colour! What a fun, spring time look, Kat. Even the wintery blue and green can't bring down this look. Well, it actually compliments the brights. Well done, hun, and great theme! Can't wait to play xx

    1. Ha ha Indie, you can count on me for something multi-hued hey? Thanks for your ever so kind comment hon - oooh I'm dying to see the results of your play time! x ♥ x ♥ x

  3. Gosh Kats you're really selling those sugar pill shadows to me, especially with this beautiful look!! Cant wait to tackle this fun theme when I have some time on my hands! x

    1. Hey Mon I don't have to say too much - these shadows sell themselves lol! Hope you get some play time soon - dying to see your creation ♡