Monday, 25 August 2014

EOTD: MUA Charcoal, Sugarpill Love+ and Midori...

Yep - I reckon the countdown to Spring is definitely on. I spent the weekend dusting off all the pretty pastel palettes in my kit so that I'm ready to burst into a series of blossom inspired looks as soon as Winter is officially over - can't happen soon enough for this warm weather and sunshine-loving gal! Meanwhile, I have a couple of chilly season EOTD's to post before September hits, so here we go...

I've mentioned before that red and green always remind me of Christmas, and this look would defninitely have fallen into that particular category if I'd used something sparkly. But by sticking to broody mattes, I'm kinda hoping I didn't awaken Santa from his slumber just yet...

So why did I choose red and green? Well believe me it's always a challenge to get my act together at 5am, but I organise myself pretty well the night before, choosing what I'll wear, and more importantly, what sort of eye look I'll create. Actually it's the ONLY way I can cope! So the theme for this particular day was red and black, but it ended up looking kinda dreary (even with the pop of red), and the green was a hastily added extra before I raced out the door - actually, green is often a colour I throw in at the last minute to inject a bit of life into something that would otherwise be too dull...

My base was essence white kajal because I wanted to keep the Sugarpill Love+ red distinct from the bhcosmetics black liner I used for tight-lining. The charcoal is from the MUA LUXE Pretty Edgy palette, and the green along the lower lashline is Sugarpill Midori blended with MNY Master Precise Liquid Liner. On the waterline is essence I Have a Green yet again! Interestingly I've had this liner in my kit for months, and only just begun exploring it's beauty in the last few weeks 

So what's your verdict gals - is this beginning to look too much like Christmas?

Take care of you,
kats xxx


  1. Kat what do I say
    You left me speechless by choosing the perfect blend of colours especially the greenish one looks so much like your eyes
    Just stunning

    1. How kind you are Varinder to write such a lovely comment - I'm so flattered hon, thank you ♥ Lol I'm a bit stuck on that green :-)

  2. Replies
    1. Hey there Ailyn - thanks a bunch hon, hope you're well ♥

  3. It's not Christmasy at all Sweets. You have nothing to worry about :D I think your right by saying if there was sparkle it would be Christmasy but without the sparkle it looks more like a pretty Winter combo. The red bursts out from the greens so wonderfully. My eyes were drawn to the red immediately :) I was just picturing what my eye makeup would look like at 5 in the morning and in a rush. LOL. I think I would scare children. You're so talented Kats-even when your in a rush!!
    Spring is so close!!! Can't wait :D x

    1. Gemma dear yes the days are getting longer - the morning when I don't have to drive to the station with the headlights on will be a SPECIAL one because it'll be the turning point of the season, and I'll be jumping for joy. Thanks heaps for confirming the non-Christmas thingy - I adore and count on your honesty babe. And scare children? Oh stop it, not a chance ♥