Tuesday, 15 September 2015

SPOTLIGHT: Nude by Nature Liquid Mineral Foundation...

Throughout my recent foundation refresh, this was the one I was most excited to try - Nude by Nature Liquid Mineral Foundation. Although the most expensive of the lot ($39.95 - more than double the majority of the others), it's the only one that doesn't contain a whole swag of the usual chemicals - no talc, no parabens, no silicones, so it gets a hefty nod even before the first squirt! There are five shades in the range - I chose Light/Medium, which is perfect for my skin at this time of year, although I would need the deeper Medium in Summer when I give the old bod a bit of a golden glow with some fake tan...
This is one of the most delightfully lightweight foundations I've ever worn, but beware - the formula is also very thin and runny, so be sparing with your pressure on the pump. I always use my fingers to blend my foundation, and this little darling produces a magically natural finish, although it's a wee bit too shiny for my particular issues (VERY oily T-Zone). It also takes a while to dry, and while it sure is buildable, you need time to let it set before applying the next layer. The left picture below is my bare freckled cheek, and on the right is one layer of Nude by Nature Liquid Mineral Foundation. I think you'll agree that given my particular issues, it's reasonably good coverage for one coat, but I usually apply another to blend in my brown spots a little better. I scored the companion Airbrush Mineral Primer in a GWP - highly recommended as this creates an excellent base, and also helps makeup last a bit longer. On my particular skin type, sadly this foundation doesn't make it through the day on my oily areas, even with a finishing powder, so I've scored it low for longevity, but I'm sure gals with dryer skin will love it's hydrating power to bits, and have far greater success with the wear..

Here's the blurb from the packaging - I can confirm it's fragrance-free (there's only the faintest oily kind of smell), and yes it's light-weight and very dewy. Lots of delicious ingredients from Mother Nature's garden too, including Lilly Pilly, Jojoba, Kakadu Plum and Green Tea...

Like all Nude by Nature products, the packaging is superb - glass and bronzed metal, the combination is super sturdy AND classy-looking, and one pump is more than enough to cover my whole face...

So here's my rating - the coverage is a tad better than the Mirenesse Silk Foundation, there's minimal transfer, and it's available in most pharmacies and variety stores (Target, BigW etc.), but the price is a bit of a joy-killer...
All up though, it's a stunning foundation full of natural ingredients to nourish and protect the skin, and that's where it has the edge over the other ones I've tried recently. I think it would be PERFECT for any gal with skin sensitivities, it doesn't clog pores, nor does it cake or crease. The colour is a great match for me, and it's a comfort to know that I'm not plastering my face with a whole bunch of yucky stuff. Would I buy it again? Hmmm, it's tempting, but to be honest it's just a wee bit too moist for my combination skin, plus with such limited time in the morning, I really need a single-coat foundation that sets in a flash, and lasts a sure bet minimum of 12 hours. A beautiful product - just not my HG at this time in my life...

Take care of you,
kats xxx


  1. That's good coverage! I'll give this a test when Im next at Priceline!! :-) great review!!!

    1. Thanks hon - hope they have a shade that suits you. There's only 5 in the range, but the "fair" one might be ok ♥

  2. I bought a Nude mineral powder foundation on sale, but I haven't used it yet. I'm trying to finish up my Physicians Formula. PF is my HG, but it's not Australian & there are Aussie alternatives now, hence my change. I got a great GWP too: nude oil plus a concealer brush. The Nude brush is incredible, I use it with my MNY Color Tattoos. The RRP is high, but I've seen this brand on sale a lot, since I started looking for Aussie mineral powder.

    I love your comprehensive ratings too. I like a meaty review, well done Kat!

    1. Hey there neurotic - it'll be interesting to see how the powder foundation goes. They seem to have GWP's fairly regularly, so that kinda drops the price a little. Glad you liked the review hon, and hope my chart is useful ♥