Sunday, 3 June 2018

REVIEW: Nutrimetics Fragrance Discovery Collection...

I'm an unashamed lover of pretty things  Whether it be a shape or a pattern or a colour or even a fragrance, I appreciate the attempts of others to bring something into the world that's pleasing to the senses. Of course, what one person finds beautiful may not inspire someone else to the same extent, or maybe even not at all. And while I'm not necessarily drawn to girlie frills and flounces, if it's feminine or soft or curvy, or the hues are harmonious to my soul, it's safe to say you got me. So where am I going with this prattle? Well, while I can honestly say I've never purchased a perfume for the gorgeous bottle alone, I actually bought this Nutrimetics Fragrance Discovery Collection because I fell in love with the box lol!...

When I saw the photo in the monthly Nutrimetics brochure a little while ago, my old ticker literally skipped a beat. It's not the box itself, but the colour and shape of the pattern on it - to me, it looked like a watercolour of a flower painted by a master, so serene, so beautiful. Weird huh? And then when I noticed that the box contained three rollerball fragrances, AND it was reduced by 60%, well the stars were obviously aligned and it was a done deal, so I ordered two ...

Turns out this is a limited edition that was released last Christmas, and I guess the price reduction was to clear out the stock as it's no longer available on their website. I'm a bit sad because the scents are as stunning as the box...

Rollerball fragrances are a personal favourite of mine - they're the perfect size for my handbag, so conveniently lightweight, and because there's no spray fallout, I don't even have to go to the ladies room to touch up...

Love & Courage EDT...

A lovely crisp and fresh scent, it's one of those that I call crystalline (like Bvlgari Omnia Crystalline or Versace Bright Crystal), my favourite fragrance family for a long hot Summer. It's an EDT so it doesn't last long, but it's perfect as an instant reviver. My nose picks up apple and lemon, but I'm pretty lame at identifying anything else ...

Fleurever EDT...

Fleurever is also a light fresh scent, but it's more floral with a zest of fruit when first applied, and has quite a bit more staying power. There's an almost herbal tang to it as well, but the flowers win after the drydown (I think it's daisy) ...

Breathtaking EDT...

Breathtaking is another floral, but this one has an exotic touch. It's more like a floriental, and while I love all of them, it's my favourite of the three. Rose is the standout, but there's some musk in there too, reminds me a little of MOR Marshmallow, but not as sweet or heady ...

My shelves are starting to sag under the weight of my perfume collection, so I'm giving away the 2nd box to an Australian resident follower ...

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    kats xxx


    1. I dont really think I have a set signature scent as such. Im very much a perfume addict and love having several different perfumes on hand to choose from. That being said I do have a an extra liking for scents with citrus included. One that im really loving at the moment is Eau Tropicale from Sisley which is supposed to smell like a tropical forest after rain. its very fruity with floral scents mixed in such as frangipani and passionfruit.

      1. Oh wow that Eau Tropicale sounds like my kind of scent Fawn - I'm so glad you mentioned it as I'm a nutter for fruity florals. I've just looked it up and it has a cedar & patchouli base - I'm in love with it already! ♥♥♥

    2. Those scents sound gorgeous. I don’t have a signature scent now. I used to love Pleasures, Happy, Beautiful.

      1. They really are lovely Okatko - actually I have Pleasures in my collection at the mo', just adore it's crispness, and it's particularly feminine. I must try Happy & Beautiful now too x♥x

    3. My signature scent is Ellie Saab EDP, it’s unknown but beautiful. I need to get some roller balls for my ‘on the go’ days.

      1. I haven't tried that one Anne, but I can see it's base is also cedar & patchouli, and I usually love anything with those ingredients. Thanks for the tip! xxx

    4. I don't have a signature scent, I just buy because I love the fragrances. I do love these roller ball perfumes though as they are so easy to carry around with you and you can do touch-ups so easily during the day/night.

      I am like you Kats.....I am drawn to pretty packaging too.

      1. Ahh yes Mandy, whoever invented roller ball fragrances has my eternal gratitude - I keep a couple at work in case I forget to throw one in my handbag. Being perfumeless for a day is as bad as not having lipstick! ♥♥

    5. I have/had two signature scents in my life BOTH discontinued!!!! My Mum bought me the most glorious bottle called White Flowers, more than 50 years ago, it was a beautiful bottle with the most glorious fragrance. I wore Norman Hartnell "In Love" for my wedding and for ages after that. I adore roller ball fragrances because they are so sensible! Gorgeous packaging, Kats!1

      1. Ugh Trish I feel our pain! I have two lost loves as well - Justine by Louis Feraud (my very first teen passion) and Fleur de Fleurs by Nina Ricci (in the Lalique bottle). Absolutely devastated when I couldn't buy them any more, but I can still conjure up their magnificence in a flash ♥♥♥