Monday, 27 January 2020

SPOTLIGHT: Aluminium-free Deodorants, Part 4...

Delighted to be back with you for Part 4 of my Aluminium-free Deodorant series. Having already covered those available from Supermarkets, the success rate has sky-rocketed, with four out of the six below scoring 9/10 or better, which means that performance-wise, they're up to the task of replacing my regular Dove deodorant that does contain aluminium. Except that it's no longer my regular deodorant - instead, I now have a selection of way more natural (and healthy) ones to choose from that I trust 100%, so read on ...

Dr.Organic Hemp Oil Deodorant with Vetiver & Patchouli Oil (50ml, Health food stores & some pharmacies, RRP $12.95)

Another one recommended by one of you lovelies  I found this in my local health food store. There were a few different scents available, but the Hemp Oil one was the most appealing on the day, with an almost herbal freshness to it. LOVE that it's a roll-on, and because it was so highly recommended, I did the unthinkable and wore it to work without testing it beforehand. Gaaaaahhhhhh! Well, after cleaning my new workspace, setting up two computers, three monitors and organising my desk drawers, I was quite damp under the arms, and it was only 10am. So, armed with a backup deo in my makeup bag, I headed to the loo for a quick stink check, and there was...nothing. I did regular checks throughout the day because my pits stayed quite wet, but there continued to be no odour whatsoever. I mean. I couldn't even detect the scent of the deo. WTF? Prior to this, underarm wetness for me automatically meant underarm stench, so I've always sought a formula with anti-perspirant properties. I have to admit that I'm not all that comfortable with drippy pits, but I'm TOTALLY at ease with the deodorising effectiveness of this baby. The final test was to not shower before bed, and then see what developed overnight. I swear, even the next morning, my pits were pong-free. Holey guacemoley, the Doctor sure knows what he's doing...

The formula is vegan, the ingredients list goes on for days (mostly natural oils - I counted 13), and it's free from aluminium, parabens, SLS and mineral oils. Rating-wise I'm giving it a 9/10 - it probably deserves higher because it is 100% effective in preventing odour, but the underarm wetness will take me quite a bit of getting used to, so for now, the Fresca is still my fave ...

A'kin Geranium & Cedarwood Natural Deodorant (65ml,  Priceline/Chemist Warehouse etc., RRP $10.99)

With a label declaring "24hr Clinical Protection Absorbs Wetness", 100% vegan, not tested on animals, Australian made & owned, this was another one I had high hopes for. Absolutely adore the fragrance - it's definitely woody, but the geranium adds a sweetness and softness to it, making it a tad more girl-friendly. Worked well for six hours, and then the wheels fell off. I tried reapplying, but in the end, I had to go with something else or spend the next 12 hours alone in my room. Mind you it was a very hot and humid day, so I will keep this one aside for the cooler weather. 5/10 ...

Schmidt's Cedarwood + Juniper Natural Deodorant (92g, Priceline, RRP $13.99)

Was ecstatic to find this at Priceline a few weeks back, and way cheaper than Nourished Life ($19.95). Because of this research series, I now have quite a few deos in the stash, but I was curious to find out whether this would work as well as their Charcoal & Magnesium formula that I fell in love with in Part 1 - the answer is a resounding YES!. This one is super smooth and less messy, but it's also heaps more masculine in the scent department. Wood, wood and more wood. Like if you got down on your hands and knees and sniffed your deck ha ha. I don't have a deck but the fragrance reminds me of timber outdoor furniture that's just been painted with the stuff that protects it from the weather. Not unpleasant, but quite strong, and it's always there in the background all day. Definitely a great one for the fellas, and I'm also giving it a 9/10 because it works brilliantly and absorbs 90% of wetness - very comfortable ...

P.S. Thanks to Fawn for letting me know that this range is currently on special at Priceline (in-store only) for $9.79!

Noosa Basics Organic Deodorant - Sandalwood (60g, Nourished Life, RRP $16.95)

I chose this based on the user reviews at Nourished Life - they were a bit mixed but predominantly positive, which is what I've found for just about all these natural deodorants. Some folks swear by them and others say don't even bother, so I can't stress enough that it's a matter of finding what works for you. Having said that I'm pretty fussy with my personal hygiene - I don't do heavy-duty workouts at the gym, but I do get a glow-up just being me (lol!), so if something doesn't work on my bod, I wonder how far more active people cope. This one is a slightly grainy paste with a quite delicate sandalwood scent (there are more fragrances to choose from), but as with several others I've tested in this series, once I hit the 6-hour mark, I needed more support. I had planned on trying out their Charcoal activated flavour, but considering the results I've had from some of my earlier research, plus the next two stunners below, I'll give it a miss. Ok for Winter, 5.5/10 ... 

No Pong All Natural Anti Odourant (35g, RRP $8.95)

One word - awesome! Smooth creamy paste with a fabulous (predominantly lemongrass) fragrance, I was not expecting this to work as well as it did, but there you go - you just never know till you try. I like that it's in a tin instead of plastic, but that's also my one and only beef. All my life I've failed tin-opening, even the old shoe polish kind with the little metal lever on the side. If this had a screw cap, I'd be fine - I just don't seem to manage ones where I have to use a fingernail to prise the top off. That annoyance aside, this is another one that seems to last all day and all night. Mind you yesterday wasn't quite as hot as some others during this process, but it sure was sticky-as, so I'm confident my results are accurate. The ingredients are coconut oil, baking soda, corn starch, beeswax and a blend of the following oils for the scent - orange, vanilla, lemongrass, cedarwood, bergamot, lime, frankincense, ylang-ylang & geranium. No wonder it smells so good! The instructions say "apply a pea sized amount to each armpit" - I used a little more, but not much. 9/10 - would have been more but getting the lid off is a total pain ... 

Black Chicken Remedies Axilla Deodorant Paste (15g mini, RRP $7.95, 75g, RRP $18.50)

The Black Chicken Axilla paste is the only one that I'd actually heard about (rave reviews actually), which is why I left it to last. I knew that if I started with this gem, I probably wouldn't have explored all the other possibilities that are out there. For those of you who already use this product, yep it's a legend. If you've not heard of it before you're probably wondering why it has such a weird name. Well, it turns out that axilla is the anatomical name for the armpit, and the company founder (Chey Birch) began her journey back in 2000 (in Bondi) mixing natural ingredients in a small bowl that was decorated with a black chicken  So this is Aussie owned and made, vegan, and comes in a plastic recyclable container with a screw-top lid (score!). The paste is smooth but has teeny little granules (possibly bi-carb soda, tapioca or kaolin clay?) that dissolve into the skin. The delicate fragrance comes from a blend of essential oils - lime, clove, lavender, cedarwood, cajeput (melaleuca), mandarin, peppermint and rose geranium. It's a lovely organic mix which to my nose smells mostly of peppermint and clove. You rub in a pea-sized amount until it's absorbed and then forget about BO & wetness for the next 24 hours - dinks!...

There are 675 customer reviews on their website, 632 of which give it 5 stars, and 39 awarded 4 stars. If you do the math, that leaves only 4 reviews which aren't so positive. But those stats pretty much sum up this product (they're not paying me to write this by the way). I'm giving it a 9.4, but only 'cos I have to use my fingers ...

Part 5?

Having found six relatively "natural" deodorants that work either brilliantly or well enough for me to trust them on a busy workday, I've decided to put this series on hold until next Summer - if I buy any more now, I'll never get through them, and with most being organic, I don't want them to go off or lose their effectiveness. But there are still a lot more to try - Body Shop, Lavera, Lush, Ethique, Woohoo!, LaVanila. It goes on and on and on, so I'll resume probably around October ...

So to summarise, here's my Top Six Aluminium-free Deodorants, in order of my preference based on how well they work for me and the convenience of the presentation. Cost is a factor of course, but when it comes to body odour, price is way low on my list of purchase criteria ...

1. Fresca Natural Deodorant - Wooden Spice with Sandalwood & Carrot Seed (Part 2)
2. Schmidt's Charcoal + Magnesium Mineral Enriched Natural Deodorant (Part 1)
3. Black Chicken Remedies Axilla Deodorant Paste (Part 4)
4. No Pong All Natural Anti Odourant  (Part 4)
5. Dr.Organic Hemp Oil Deodorant with Vetiver & Patchouli Oil (Part 4)
6. Earth Purities Natural Deodorant - Nero For Him (Part 3)

Hope this series has been helpful to you - it's sure sorted out my underarms!

Take care of you,
kats xxx


  1. Awsome knowledge, I too don't like that wet feeling, and have been using deo's lately, some good, some not so good. The Woohoo is very good too, just you have to use your fingers too, but I think they have just released a new one in a roll on or a stick

    1. Oooh that's so good to know, thanks Ariane - I already get my hands in enough mess just getting ready for work, so if an effective al-free deo comes in a stick or a roll-on, I'm in! ♥

  2. Im so glad that you do all the research for us Kats :D
    Its been so crazy hot and humid here of late that a good deodorant is a must.

    1. Aww Fawn, it's my pleasure - and yikes, this has been the perfect weather for testing out all these products. Sure sorts out who's who in the zoo! ♥

  3. Thank you so much for your research and feedback Kats! You save us so much time and money. I went and got the Fresca in the citrus (only one available) based on your review of the woody scented one. It's fricking brilliant! No pong what so ever and I had sone horrible hot and sticky days testing it. I think I got one wet patch once on a really yucky day and I did some serious physical activity. I also tried the MyAura, love the scent but after about 4 hours it died in the guts and I ponged. Not throwing it out though, will use in the cooler months.

    1. Tracy dear, thanks for your lovely comment. Knowing what I write is helpful to other folks sure is inspiration to keep going! And I'm delighted the Fresca one works for you - I'm keen to try some of their other scents. I had the same experience with the MyAura, and yep it's in the cupboard where it'll stay till April or May ♥

  4. Im looking for a high quality deodorant for so many weeks. gonna try this out. thanks for sharing :)
    franziska powder brows

    1. You're most welcome franziska - golly there's so many out there that don't work, so hope this article helps you find the best one for you ♥

  5. So enjoyed your 4 part Aluminium free Deodorant journey Kats and your dedicated research.
    Has your series been helpful? YOU BETCHA!! I thought MY journey was over when I discovered the Black Chicken Remedies Axilla Deodorant Paste some 8 years ago but this has opened up other options as I've sometimes wished for a roll on or a spray instead of a paste (that's applied with fingers (only downside) and thought if only it came in a stick formula.

    Now, thanks to your generosity (you truly are a mind reader!) by including the Schmidt's Charcoal + Magnesium Mineral Enriched Natural Deodorant in my recent blog prize win, I think I have now found an alternative in a stick form. It was on my "to try" list and I have now used it yesterday (in our 39 degree heat) and it performed as well as my loved Axilla deodorant paste (Black Chicken) and at a similar price point.

    And I'll be looking into a couple of your other recommendations for a roll-on. Doesn't look like the spray ones are as effective - but shall see what your Part 5 next spring/summer unearths!

    1. Hi Kassalee, how thrilled I am that the Schmidt's worked so well for you - I reckon it's a terrific formula, so convenient, AND it's available at Priceline yay! It's interesting that I haven't found one decent al-free deo that comes in spray form, but that'll be my challenge for Part 5 lol. Thanks a bunch for this wonderful comment hon - you made my day! ♥

  6. I am so impressed that this has become a four-part series. Lots of options out there nowadays, and it’s fabulous to get the lowdown on so man of them from our trusty kats!

    1. Aww thanks MGR! There's heaps more than I had imagined - it's interesting how many things you find when you focus on one thing instead of everything ha ha ♥