Saturday, 2 August 2014

CONFESSIONS: of a Body Washaholic (Part 6)...

*** S P E C I A L  E D I T I O N ***

I've been even naughtier than usual, and went out and bought all these before finishing up any of my other ones, but that's the problem with addictions - "I don't really need this" purchasing takes on a whole new meaning lol. Indulgence aside, Imperial Leather must be picking up on the vibe because they've recently brought out the most GLORIOUS range of body (and hand) washes, and they're cheap as chips ($5-$7 for the large bottles). They're available in most supermarkets, but the best selection I've seen so far has been at Woolies. The fragrance blends are creative and inspired, subtle and innovative, and some of the colours are exquisite (you know how I feel about colour). I'm so enamoured, I've decided to devote an entire part of this series to them  There are more varieties available on the shelves, but these four are the ones I fell in love with at first sniff...

Imperial Leather Flirtatious Pomegranate & Wild Rose Triple Moisturising Bodywash...

Wowee, gotta love that colour - looks like pureed strawberries, but the fragrance is heavenly soft with very little fruit overtones. According to their website, Master Perfumers are behind every one of the blends, and I reckon it's true. Apart from the pomegranate and rose, this particular one also contains patchouli, jasmine, spiced cedar and black vanilla, and yet no single ingredient really stands out on its own, which is indicative of the expertise behind it. The blending is superb, and if they brought this out as an eau de perfume, I'd wear it in a heartbeat. Calming and comforting with a slathering of sophistication, I'm putting Flirtatious at the top of my list of faves. The formula is thick and creamy with a satiny patina, and lathers effortlessly - not sure that I'd classify it as "triple" moisturising, but it sure does leave my skin deliciously soft and delicately fragranced. All Imperial Leather body washes are soap free and dermatologically tested, and if you love the scent of tenderly spiced roses, then you'll adore this shower gem 

Imperial Leather Tahitian Retreat Coconut & Sandalwood Triple Moisturising Bodywash...

Well now Tahitian Retreat takes coconut body wash to another level. I've only just recently discovered the joy of showering with coconut scented products - the various ones I've tried so far have been a delight, but they all smell pretty much the same. Imperial Leather No. 30 however is in a class all it's own - sophisticated yet playful, there's no overpoweringly astringent tang of coconut here because it's been magically tempered with cherry blossom, vanilla and sandalwood. Coconut fragrance lovers may be disappointed because of its subtlety, but if coconut hasn't ever been your thing, this enchanting blend might just change your mind. While it's perfect for any season, I'm expecting it to hit the #1 spot in my bathroom when summer comes around - I've never been to Tahiti, but if it has a smell, then this is it 

Imperial Leather Blue Lagoon Exotic Guava & Champaca Triple Moisturising Bodywash...

This is the only one of the range I've spotted so far that is marked as a "Limited Edition". Of this somewhat intriguing banner, the Imperial Leather website says...

"Our Limited Edition fragrances reflect our Master Perfumers’ playground – an opportunity for them to experiment with new scents that reflect their journey of scouring the world for the latest trends in luxury fine fragrance."

This fabulously flamboyant fella is SO interesting - the stunning tealy green colour is what caught my eye, and this is the first one that flung itself into my trolley. I'm mad keen on guava fragrance, and this delicious fruit is the dominant scent here, however included in the mix is champaca - I've never head of it and needed Google to tell me it's the Magnolia Champaca flower, a native of Southeast Asia, and stars in various perfumes like Champaca Absolute by Tom Ford, Incanto Bloom by Salvatore Ferragamo, and Wonderstruck Enchanted by Taylor Swift. Also included in this fascinating blend is peach nectar, hibiscus, blonde wood and musk. It's really REALLY tangy, and far stronger than any of the others. I'm crazy about it, but there's been one or two occasions when the fragrance has reminded me of...wait for pee. Lol! Gosh I hope that doesn't put you off, but I figure what's the point of all this if I'm not honest 

Imperial Leather Summer Bliss Mango Butter & Frangipani Triple Moisturising Bodywash...

Mango lovers, you can rejoice - there's enough fruit content in this to send you tripping, but once again, those clever perfumers have added tangerine, peach, papaya, lily, cherry blossom and aromatic vanilla into the mix Absolutely delish! So uplifting and fun, this blend of tropical fruits and flowers to me encapsulates the spirit of summer in a bottle. Smells like the real deal, and I'd say this would be a firm favourite with all members of the family. Once again the blending is nothing short of genius 

The plastic containers are sturdy and strong, and one of mine survived unscathed after being dropped from chest height. My only beef with all of these shower delights is that the bottles are so fat and tubby, I can only fit one in each wire hanger - boo! Still it's a minor inconvenience that I'll gladly ignore because they're all just so unbelievably scrummy 

Have you tried any of the Imperial Leather body washes yet? Which one is your favourite?

Take care of you,
kats xxx


  1. Kats these sound positively divine. I find writing about fragrances really challenging but you have such a natural flair for it. I am definitely going to try some of these.

    1. Dear Kate, so sweet of you to say - I do love writing about scents, they excite me just as much as colours do. My darling Dad had an operation on his deviated septum many years ago, and although he can still taste his food, he can't smell anything any more - it doesn't seem to bother him much, but I know I would find it devastating if I could no longer breathe in a beautiful fragrance :-(

  2. I havent tried any from this range yet but I'll be having a smell of the mango one tomorrow when I go grocery shopping. Sounds lovely!

    1. Hope you like it mayday - it's way more subtle than the Palmolive one, but just as delightful ♥

  3. You're making me want to NOT buy the Blue Lagoon! Haha... Fantastic honesty, and the others sound like they smell gorgeous. I do agree, though, fat and tubby aren't great on the shower caddy.

    1. Oh dear TP - maybe it's because I have cats? It's actually a lovely zingy scent, and for anyone else I'm sure it would be fine - I think my particular sensitivity to this fragrance is related to mood, and more times than not I love it xxx