Wednesday, 24 December 2014

REVIEW: Ego QV Face Exfoliating Polish...

Another product from my morethanadored prize pack, and another winner. Regular readers will know of my passion for scrubs, in fact I start each and every day with some kind of exfoliant - at my age, keeping my complexion as bright and as smooth as possible is an essential part of my self-maintenance. I did a test not so long ago where I skipped using any kind of cell-sloughing product for a week, and the difference was obvious - my face just didn't have that extra refined and glowy appearance any more, and the surface felt patchy and scratchy. I have numerous scrubs on my bathroom shelf (at least eight at the moment - whoops!), varying from grainy deep pore-gougers to gentle surface smoothers, and I switch them around so as to not overdo or underdo the desired effect on my skin. 

Having used this Ego QV Face Exfoliating Polish exclusively for the last four weeks, I'd classify it as cleverly positioned somewhere in between the two extremes, and therefore just the ticket for my mature combination skin needs 
Love the packaging - the plastic is sturdy, the flip-top cap makes for easy dispensing, and I'm particularly keen on the fact that there's an expiry date on the crimped section at the top of the tube (mine says May 2017).  This is a bonus when you have a stash of products in your cupboard that you're working your way through - it's so easy to forget how long ago you bought something, so thanks Ego, great idea   

In my beauty book, this white cream has the perfect consistency - it's easy to squeeze out a small amount, but firm enough to not drizzle through your fingers. It feels a bit grainy to the touch, but as soon as you start massaging it onto dampened skin, the consistency becomes smooth and kind of fluffy. There are tiny little blue granules suspended in the lotion (see pic below) - the sloughers that gently lift away the dead skin cells. The blurb on the back states that the formula contains ingredients to add moisture, reduce skin sensitivity, minimise fine lines and wrinkles (bonus), and in general, calm the skin (something called Avemide 15™) while gently polishing and refining the surface - overall I've found these statements to be true, although I have deep lines and crevasses, so I wasn't expecting much change there 

Delighted to report that during a month of daily use, I've not experienced one iota of irritation - no redness or drying of the skin, and my face doesn't feel tight after I use it. The recommendation is to avoid lip and eye areas - I admit I haven't been all that careful in my morning rush, but I've had no problem whatsoever. I also massage this into my neck and all the way down to my decolletage, with pleasantly smoothing results. It's as effective as my heavy duty scrubs, and as gentle as the mildest ones in my collection, and my face is looking the better for catering to both needs at the same time. Fragrance free and dermatologically tested, it's also a steal at just under $14.00... 

Value wise, I expect this will last at least a few more months - the tube actually doesn't feel any lighter than when I started, and I'm seriously considering reclaiming a whole section of my shower shelf back as I really don't need any other scrub/polish than this little beauty 

Hope your Christmas Eve is relaxed and peaceful, and that the joy of Christmas is with you throughout the year ahead.

Take care of you,
kats xxx

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