Monday, 22 December 2014

REVIEW: Best In Beauty 2014 winner, L'Oreal Base Magique...

Another one of the awesome products to win a beautyheaven 2014 Best In Beauty Award - L'Oreal Base Magique. This was the very first primer I ever tried, way, way back, not long after I joined bh six years ago. I have to giggle profusely when I think back to those early discovery days when I started reading about primers (on my favourite beauty website), and thought "goodness, that's one thing I sure don't need" - well I couldn't have been more wrong! I couldn't BELIEVE the difference this primer made to my skin, and the overall flawless finish it gave to my complexion. Of course since then, I haven't missed a day of using one of the plethora of primers available in the marketplace, but I have missed using this little beauty, and I'm so grateful to beautyheaven for gifting this jar of magic to me recently, and reminding me just how much I love it...

So what is it that sets this primer apart from all the others? Having tried so many, and then having used this baby every day for the last three weeks, I can emphatically declare it's the marvelously mattifying effect it has on my combo skin, and the way it instantly melts away my enlarged pores...

I have a very active oily T-zone, and regardless of the foundation I use, I'm constantly patting oil-absorbing powder onto this troublesome area throughout the day, especially around my nose. What I've noticed in these last few weeks is that I've only had to do this once (if at all), around lunchtime. Apart from this bonus to an often frantically busy working gal like me, this primer makes my complexion look smoother and heaps more refined from the get-go. At 59, I'm a bit long in the tooth to go without foundation on any day, but after spreading this pretty pink cream over my skin, I can get away with just a tinted BB cream - believe me, that's a freedom I treasure 

The consistency is quite thick and almost wax-like, and works best if it's warmed between your fingers before applying. Instantly my skin feels like silk - well, more like smooth satin actually. There's no longer any hint of sheen or shine, and the huge pores on my nose vanish in the blink of an un-made-up eye. My foundation just glides on over the top, and even if I use a particularly thick formula, it's easy as pie to spread it evenly, and the finish is darn near flawless...

There's no sunscreen component, but my current moisturiser is 30+, and combined with an SPF in my foundation, my face is sufficiently protected for this to not be an issue. And at the end of a long day, my font de teint is still intact, and looking almost as good as it did at 5am.

In summary, a brilliant primer - for gals dealing with a complexion that's awash with oil, this is most definitely a winner in my book, and I reckon it would work equally well for dry-skinned beauties because of it's amazing soothing and smoothing properties 

Have you tried L'Oreal Base Magique Transforming Smoothing Primer yet?

Take care of you,
kats xxx


  1. Oh wow, I really need to try this!! Awesome review lovely, and a big happy birthday to you!! x

    1. Oh you sweetheart Monique, thanks so much for this lovely comment hon - it's a beaut primer, and my wonderful day is continuing, I plan on making it last a while lol ♥

  2. I quite enjoyed this when I got it in a beauty box, but I'm not keen on it being in a jar.

    1. I reckon that's it's only flaw TP - it doesn't bother me personally, but I understand the hygiene concerns, and it's odd that after all this time they haven't changed the packaging to a tube hey?