Tuesday, 23 December 2014

EOTD: Sleek Acid Orange and Blue...

Lol more from Sleek Acid - were these two colours made for each other or what? It's a hue combo I've always been crazy about, and without a doubt, these two particular shadows were meant to be together - neither one overpowers the other, the perfect pairing I'd say 

Of course I used essence white kajal for my base on the inner third to let the orange shine - it's actually nowhere near as bright on the skin as it is in the pan, but I reckon down the track I'll make it really pop using an orange cream underneath. For now I'm loving it's softness and subtlety...

Under the blue I used bhcosmetics waterproof eye crayon in Sapphire to give it something to adhere to with a boost - I haven't actually tried any of these pigments on their own to see how long they last without any support, that'll be a later experiment. In the crease is MUA Matte Midnight, and on the waterline I used essence Long Lasting Eye Pencil in Cool Down...

As you can see I did my usual colour-coordinating thingy with my outfit ha ha - lips are ModelsPrefer High Fashion, topped with Bloom Venezuela gloss, and cheeks are the orange from the essence "blush up" Heat Wave duo...

So gals, is this a colour combo you'd go for?

Take care of you,
kats xxx


  1. I love this combo, Kat. I would never thought of using these colours together, but it really looks amazing. I would try these colours together for sure! xx

    1. Good on you Indie - I knew I could count on you ha ha! They're actually opposites on the colour-wheel, so it actually makes sense that they are complementary - hope to see an example from you soon doll ♥