Thursday, 18 September 2014

SPOTLIGHT: Urban Rituelle Haul...

Last week I jumped at the chance to take advantage of Urban Rituelle's 15 Year Birthday Sale, and scored this pretty-as-a-picture collection of bargains for just over $70, and the shipping was free!

This was my very first Urban Rituelle order, and I'm thrilled with the items I received, as well as the service - my parcel arrived 2 business days later, lovingly packed in a UR carry bag, and included two complimentary gifts (thank you SO much ♥). The quality of the products is first class, and the presentation, well you can see for yourself, it's just exquisite. I bought items across four different ranges, and they all look so beautiful together... 

My intention was to stash some away in the cupboard for Christmas gifts, but I admit I'm tantalisingly tempted to forget that plan, and keep the whole lot for myself! How indulgently wicked, but hey, I could always place another order right?

Here's a pic of the freebies - is it just a co-incidence that they are from the same ranges as the products I ordered? I think not, in fact I believe they were especially chosen to complement my selection. How refreshing to find a company staffed by folks who obviously adore their products, and care so much about the whole customer experience 

And here's what I ordered...

Hibiscus & Cranberry Travel Minis (Hand Therapy, Body Lotion & Bath & Shower Gel)
Mango Milk Body Scrub
Island Citrus Hand & Body Wash
Geranium & Ginger Flower Eau de Parfum
Hibiscus & Cranberry Perfume Oil
Ginger Apple Petit Perfume

All these fragrances are new to me - I've only ever tried the Turkish Rose & Vanilla scented products before (which I reviewed here), and you can expect some detailed descriptions over the next few months as I work my way through these divine delights. As a teaser, the ginger apple perfume has already secured a regular place in my collection going forward - honestly it smells good enough to eat 

Take care of you,
kats xxx


  1. Mmmm Ginger and Apple sounds absolutely delish Kats. I'm so jealous of your haul!! Everything looks so luxe and how lovely of the UR team to hand pick the perfect freebies to match your order. :)
    I might just have to place an order myself ;D

    1. Highly recommended Gemma, but of course it's not without it's dilemmas - I mean, they're all so yummy, so which one do I try next? Lol, I'll figure out something, probably it'll be the...body washes ha ha!

  2. Beautiful haul :) I've tested some of their products at Forever New, they smell gorgeous!

    1. I haven't found a fragrance in their range that I DON'T like hon ♥