Saturday, 20 September 2014

REVIEW: Shu Uemura "S" Curler...

This post has been a long while in the making, mainly because it's taken me several weeks to get used to this new and innovative eyelash tool from Shu Uemura - the "S" Curler. I've been lusting after an SU curler for as long as I've been a member of beautyheaven (since 2008), but could never justify the cost ($29, or $40 for the gold plated version). But given my blog is mainly about my eye looks, I figured it actually was a well deserved investment, and searched DJ's online store for this much longed for device. I found it of course, but also spotted this new little fella, and hello, it was only $18! Thence ensued the torturous decision of "do I buy the one every gal raves about, or try my luck with this new fangled version?". In the end the blurb about how great it was for capturing even skimpy little lashes that might otherwise be missed (plus I admit, the lower price tag), I went for the new kid on the block...

Warning: picture heavy post!

So how is it different? Well below is a pic showing the "S" curler on the left, along with my faithful Manicare one in the middle, plus a cheapie from K-mart (I think)  on the right. As you can see it's quite a different concept, way smaller, and the angle is a BIG change...

Lol, these look like medieval torture implements!
This photo shows the size comparison more clearly...

And here I balanced all three on the end of my ironing board so you can see how the SU curler differs. I swear eyelash curlers are the hardest thing I've ever had to photograph since I started my blog!...

In the below pic I'm holding both the "S" curler and the Manicare one together (squeezed), so the angle change is blatantly obvious. Boy oh boy, it takes considerable technique adjustment, but it's well worth the effort for the dramatic difference in the results 

Now we get to the gory photos lol! As you know a standard eyelash curler covers the whole top lid, and curls all lashes in one go...

The "S" curler is what I'd call a precision tool - you have to use it probably three times moving it along in sections to do all the lashes, but it lets you curl every single lash, and it curls them like no other I've tried, AND the curl lasts all day  You rest the white "stabilizer" pad on your lid, and then squeeze for a few seconds. The instructions on the box recommend to begin on the inner eye, and then repeat the process moving outward and upward. A noticeable improvement with this gadget is the teeny amount of time it takes to get the curl happening - with a standard curler, I usually squeeze and count to 15!

Below are some pictures of my attempts over the last 3 weeks - I used the same mascara in all of them. In this first photo, I curled my lashes with the Manicare curler. I'd had the SU one for about a week, but couldn't get it to work at all, and kept poking myself in the eye. I literally had to retrain my brain before I could get the hang of it because I kept trying to use it the same way as a standard curler...

31/8 My usual curler...
But, after leaving it my drawer for around 10 days, I decided to give it another shot - this was my first attempt, and I really couldn't see much difference...

7/9 SU - not quite...
However...the next day I was a whole lot more successful...

8/9 SU - better...
Two days later, I was jumping for joy as my lashes were starting to stand out in my EOTD pics (for a change!), and I was no longer struggling with the poke-in-the-eye thingy...

11/9 SU - yay!
And the day after that, I had similar success - so glad I persisted!

12/9 SU - another yay!
And almost a week later, I'm still seeing the same brilliant results, although now I need to improve my mascara application skills ha ha...

17/9  SU - think I've got the hang of it now...
So what's the verdict? For me the Shu Uemura "S" Curler is a fabulous invention - mind you I'll never know if the standard SU curler would have given me the same fantastic results, but for $18, I don't mind not knowing one itty bit. Also included in the box is a replacement black silicone rubber pad.

As I keep saying, it takes quite a bit of getting used to because of the vastly different shape and angle, but for me it's a winner 

Are you a Shu Uemura curler devotee?

Take care of you,
kats xxx


  1. I'm one of the ones who were waiting. You said previously that the curl lasted all day, how long did the curl last for you with your other eyelash curlers?

    1. Pretty much always a fizzer hon - the first eye picture tells the story. I take my EOTD photos when my whole face is done, and the curl from my regular curlers is almost non-existent within 5 minutes, whereas with the "S" curler, my lashes stay just as obvious and lush (well in comparison anyway lol) till I take off my eye makeup at night ♥

    2. P.S. I always use a waterproof mascara...

  2. WANT!! :D
    Thanks so much Kats for sharing this incredibly in depth post on the SU curler. Gosh I've wanted one for soooo long! And just look at those results! How amazing.
    Looks like practice makes perfect and it didn't take you long at all to master the Shu curler. Well done beautiful!
    I just love your EOTD from the 17th. Thosr colours are stunning and your lashes look fab :)
    LOL curlers really do look medieval :D xx

    1. Well I don't know that I've actually mastered it yet hon, but I'm certainly getting better at it lol - I'm interested to know if anyone else has the same difficulty adapting to the new technique. Thanks for your always gorgeous comments Gemma - there's a few looks here that I haven't published yet, there's just not enough days in the week!

  3. Replies
    1. Oh hon, the combination of this curler and your luscious lashes would be out of this world ♥

  4. Great post! I own and love my Shu Uemura standard curler. I think it works very well and makes a noticeable difference on my lashes. I probably don't need the S curler...unless I can find it cheap online!

    1. Hey stackcats, you're right, one is probably enough - I'm just so impressed with how easy it is to get great curl that lasts all day, it's a new experience for me ♥

  5. Your in depth review is amazing, Kat. As someone who doesn't use an eye lash curler, you've made me want to add this SU to my collection xx

    1. Indie hon you already have long and luxurious lashes, but I reckon this curler would make them even more spectacular. And actually $18 is what I paid for my gold plated Manicare curler, so it's a great price ♥

  6. Thanks for the review lovely.
    I have Shu's original lash curler, all my friends swears by it but it just didn't work out for me! I might need to check out this one when I hit the stores :)

    1. How interesting Lily - you're the first gal I've heard about that hasn't raved about the orginal one. Hopefully this new version will give you better results xxx

  7. I've used a similar product from Urban Decay at some point (although I think it was a bit bigger and curled all lashes at the same time) and at some point somehow it cut some my lashes...quite a disaster. Since then I am sticking with the regular curlers :)

    1. Oh no Magda, how awful for you - your lashes are magnificent so it must have been a painful experience waiting for them to grow back. It happened to me with my usual curler about three weeks ago, somehow I managed to slice the top off a few of my lashes, so I have some stubbly stumps. Hanging out till my RapidLash makes them all grow again and matches them up ♥ Sigh, the things us gals go through hey...