Tuesday, 13 May 2014

What's On My Bedside Table Tag...

Sweet Varinder over at Make Up Me & YoYo tagged me the other day with her scathingly brilliant idea, and so did my beloved Gemma from Lady Sapphire Blog. So with a double whammy tagging, how could I refuse? (As if I'd NOT want to participate anyway hey)...

My dressing table doubles as a bedside bench, and I have very limited surface space (because I have so much makeup lol), so I try and keep things to a minimum. But handcreams are one of my greatest loves, and so is having choices, so I simply MUST have three on the go at any one time...

Mirenesse Power Lift Active Hand & Body Balm
Absolutely adore this stuff - in the past I've given Mirenesse a hard time for their marketing strategy (and outrageous RRP's) but buying this on special will give you the biggest treat. This cream has the most magical restorative powers for hands in need of severe love, and it smells like a freshly peeled orange. Super softening, it makes my skin feel like silk, and look 10 years younger 

Crabtree & Evelyn Evelyn Rose Hand Therapy
This was in my Blogstar pack. One word, two syllables - DI-VINE! I'm crazy about C&E hand creams, and to receive a giant sized tube was a major pleasure for me because I don't have to be mean with it. Containing shea butter, rose extracts (the fragrance is heavenly), macadamia nut oil & myrrh, this is a luxury I will make myself afford forever more. It's just so rich and moisturising, and the rose scent makes me SO glad I'm a gal 

Innoxa One & All Anti-Age Hand & Nail Rescue (SPF 15)
In my twenties and thirties, Innoxa One & All was the only hand cream I used. In those days they only had one formula and it came in a deep pink tube, and it transformed my nails from soft bendy tearaways into hard sleek talons. I'd quite forgotten all about it, and then spotted a whole variety of tubes in Chemist Warehouse last weekend for $3.99. It has barely any scent, but what there is is delicate and pretty, and I bought it specifically to use in the mornings because of the sunscreen content. Because I've only been using it for 2 days, I can't tell yet if it's the same brilliant formula as it was 30 years ago, but I'll report back in a few months time. I also bought the Intensive Hand & Nail Rescue for Very Dry Hands variety, and will review that in due course too...

Billie Goat Soap Lip Balm (Peach)
From memory this was in one of those DJ's sample bags, and it's now my #1 lip balm. I wouldn't dream of turning off the light without applying this to my lips. The peach fragrance makes me smile every time I use it, and the tube has a cleverly angled nozzle to make application easy and mess-free. Deliciously hydrating, I reckon this is one of the reasons I can still get away with LOTD closeups ha ha...

The Aromatherapy Co Therapy Range Sleep Pulse Point
Another gem from the DJ's bag, this is an oil you apply to your pulse points before retiring - wrists, neck, behind the ears, temples etc. The bottle is super slim, takes up very little space next to my bed, and has a tiny little roller ball in the top. A calming blend of lavender & chamomile, it's very subtle - just enough to give you delicate little wafts of the two herbs. I breathe it in, and then drift off to sleep 

Lanolips Golden Ointment
Yet ANOTHER winner from the DJ's tote, plus I scored a generous tube in my Blogstar box - yay! This baby is for my heels - they don't get cracked or overly ratty, the skin is just very dry, and seems to become progressively worse in winter when I live in boots. I rub this in every night to keep the whole area supple and nourished, and I doubt I will ever be without this next to my bed. Containing lanolin, Manuka honey and Vitamin E, it doesn't absorb completely, but not enough to mark my bed linen. It smells good enough to spread on toast, but I won't lol...

Let's Bring Back the Lost Language Edition
I cheated a bit here because I actually found this book UNDER the bed when I was setting up the photo - sadly it's been languishing there for a few months because when I hit the hay, I'm so incredibly tired, I go out like a light. But now that I've rediscovered it, I'll make a supreme effort to read a few of the fascinating sayings from bygone days before I close my eyes. Such an interesting read - it lists long forgotten expressions and includes a description of what they mean e.g. "jiggery-pokery" means "underhanded scheming", or "green around the gills" meaning "about to throw up", or "cockamamie" - "ridiculous". There's some brilliant little words and phrases for me to pluck out and use in forthcoming blog articles :-)

Well that's it - hope you've found this an interesting read. It's been a struggle to get it together and published  tonight with my eyes half closing, so please forgive me for not tagging anyone - I promise to make a supreme effort next time. Thanks again dear Varinder & Gemma for tagging moi 

Take care of you,
kats xxx


  1. Oh dear kat so many hand creams u r like my mum she can never have enough hand creams
    Thanks for doing the tag nice to see what everyone is keeping on there bed side table and u definitely have great collection there and how pretty is the cover of ur book ��

    1. It's fun taking a peek isn't it hon :-) Different brands, but we're all trying to achieve the same thing ha ha. Thanks for your lovely comment sweetie, and for tagging me xxx

  2. So many beautiful products rest beside your bed each night to help lull you to sleep Kats :-D
    The Innoxa One hand cream sounds really interesting. It must be fab because its been around for so long! Fingers crossed its exactly the same as it was all those years ago :-)
    he he I'd love to see those little expressions placed into your blog posts. They made me giggle. I love them!
    Hope you got a good night sleep Kats and have a great day today xx

    1. Thank you sugarplum - I have high hopes for the Innoxa hand cream, but if it doesn't work out, I still have a couple on my list to try that you recently blogged about. My hands seem to love expensive creams, but I'm determined to find one for under $20 that does everything I want it to ♥

  3. Lots of gorgeous products on your bedside Kats. This is such a great idea....I am such a sticky beak when it comes to what products people use (yes I am the friend that when I use your bathroom I snoop through your cupboards/shower to see what your using LOL).
    I just tidied up my bedside table as I had about 5 hand creams/lotions and 3 different lip balms all going on at once.....so narrowed it down so I can focus on finishing some off.
    Another great Post...Thanks Kats.......Love Flaming Beauty xxx

    1. Flaming my precious, tickled pink to read you babe - what I didn't post about was all the extras in my drawer ha ha. I'll save them for another time - hugs to you ♥

  4. Oh this was a fun post! I love getting insight into people's lives because I'm nosey like that ;)

    I have the exact same peach lip balm and I love it, tastes/smells just like peach iced tea! Look at all those gorgeous hand creams! I have just one in every room and in every bag because I'm always in need of a fresh hit of moisture :)

    1. Sweetheart ♥ So glad you liked it hon, and delighted to have yet another bond with you via peach lip balm - can't get enough of that fragrance, or you hon :-) Would love to know which hand creams are your faves :-)

    2. My favourites are the Urban Rituelle Organic Hand Cream in Vanilla, Lavender & Geranium, it smells absolutely divine, L'Occitane Shea Butter Hand Cream as well as soap and glory's Hand Food.:))

      Not surprisingly, each of them have appealing packaging!

    3. Ooooh thanks heaps for letting me know hon. I just won some Urban Rituelle Hand Therapy in Turkish Rose & Vanilla, and the L'Occitane Shea Butter Hand Cream is my #1, but I'm out of it at the mo - quelle horreur! Will keep an eye out for the Hand Food - sounds like just what my paws need xxx

  5. My bedside table holds 1 handcream and lots of lip balms. It's my poor dressing table that holds most of my make-up and other things as bathroom drawer is tooo small and no shelves.
    Does Mr Kats have lotions and potions on his side too? My hubby is starting to get a collection of creams lately. lol

    1. Ah yes, space - just about always an issue hey Mandy :-) As a rule I only talk about my stuff on my blog - not everyone is comfortable with being referred to in the public domain, and I respect that ♥ Your hubby sounds sounds like he's smartening up - so long as he keeps to his allotted areas ha ha...