Wednesday, 14 May 2014

LOTD: L'Oreal 2-Step + Mirenesse Lip Gloss!...

As you may remember, I was blessed with a beautyheaven Blogstar win last year, and one of the prizes was the complete set of L'Oreal Infallible 2-Step Lips - believe me, I'm still reeling from this fabulous win, and still loving these amazing longwear lippies!

But...while I'm super chuffed to have every colour in the range, not every shade actually suits me, and having opened and swatched all of them on my lips months ago, well I'm not about to give away the ones that aren't quite so flattering. So...what to do? Well the good news is that I've found these lipsticks work just as well with Mirenesse lip gloss over the top, instead of using the clear one that comes in the L'Oreal tube :-)

So here's experiment number 1 - this is Blossoming Berry, such a pretty hue, but not one that goes all that well with my yellowy under-toned complexion...

I applied it as directed to bare lips, waited till it dried, and then added Mirenesse Velvet Lip Lift Moisture Shine in #44 over the top. They're similar colours as you can see in the pic below, but the Mirenesse gloss has a tinge more orange in it, and some glistening gold sparkles, which turns this pretty pink into something more flattering for my skin tone. I'm delighted to have found a way to wear this gorgeous colour :-) 

And as I'm also powering through the built-in glosses in all the other shades that DO suit me, I'm no longer stressing about using up all the moisturising balm before I reach the end of the pigment. I've tried various glosses, but the Mirenesse one is the only brand that doesn't disturb the L'Oreal pigment...

Here's two coats of Permanent Blush...

Over the top I added Mirenesse Velvet Lip Lift Moisture Shine in #8, which is a very similar shade, and provides the same moisturising power as the L'Oreal built-in balm...

And here it is 4 hours later...

I'll post a few more examples of how I'm getting the not-quite-right shades to work for me over the next few months - this little discovery was such a relief for me as I can't bear to waste makeup, and especially not these beautiful lipsticks :-)

Take care of you,
kats xxx


  1. How longwearing are the L'Oreal infallible lips? They sound amazing!

    And that's a neat trick, I do it to with nudes that wash me out, a nice coating of gloss on top can completely transform the colours.

    Great combos! Layering colours helps us use more products up quicker, which I need as I'm always buying more lip products, whoops :)

    1. Well they vary themissus - the shimmery ones don't last anywhere near as long as the "plain" ones (they'll take my lips through 2 meals and a bit). Must be the sparkly formula - they seem to go a bit gritty and patchy as the day goes by, but the others are a dream come true :-) I've had quite a few of these sitting around for ages wondering how on earth I was going to use them up - very happy now ♥

  2. What an awesome tip Kats. I've never once thought of applying a lip gloss over the L'Oreal 2 steps. You're so cool Kats!! Thanks so much for sharing.
    And I'm so glad you have figured out what lip products work with the 2 step lippies that don't really suit you....that way you can still enjoy using them :-D
    I love the effect that the Mirenesse 44 leaves on top of the Blossoming Berry lipstick. It really takes the pink to another level and it looks fab! The pink glitter looks nice with the pink of the lippy. :D xx

    1. Gosh I had to do SOMETHING Gemma - these tricky colours have been sitting around on my bench just begging to be used. I've tried 4 brands of lip gloss so far, and the only one that works is the Mirenesse - thank goodness I have quite a few in my kit so I can transform the lipsticks into something wearable xxx

  3. It's fun finding a solution like this. I adore playing around with all my lip products and layering some colours with others to create new looks. Very time wasting but pleasant and relaxing activity! x

    1. It sure is roxy - wish I had more time though, I seem to be in such a rush each morning, it's almost a miracle if combos turn out ok lol... I was ecstatic to find this answer though, some of my L'Oreal balms are almost down to their stumps already...