Thursday, 22 January 2015

REVIEW: Chi Chi Frangipani EDP..

I'm a bit bummed to say that out of all the fragrances in the Chi Chi "Meet The Girls" collection, this is the only one that I don't like :-( Still one fail out of eight is amazingly good odds considering how personal scent is, and especially how particular I am. Yes I'm fussy, but I'm not a purist either - if a perfume is supposed to smell like something in real life and it doesn't, then I don't care a flying fig so long as it still smells nice. That said, I ADORE the scent of Frangipanis - there's a tree right outside my window, in full bloom now (and featured in the pic below), but this interpretation doesn't appeal to me at all...

Given I love just about all the other scents in this rainbow box of delights, I was disappointed to find that when I popped the cap of this bottle of what looks like liquid sunshine, the scent reminded me of a slightly more florally version of Aeroguard over a base of SPF30 sunscreen - not exactly a fragrance I want to have wafting around me at any time of the day or night. It's supposed to be a blend of white, pink and tropical frangipanis, but I don't get much of that at all, even half an hour later, although to its credit it does improve somewhat down the track. Believe me I'm trying to NOT be mean here, but I so appreciate honesty in blogger reviews, and I'm sure you do too 

Having come up with this somewhat unflattering description, I need to add that this is the only vial that had leaked slightly into the box, so it's possible there was a problem at the factory, and it's actually gone off - therefore in the spirit of fairness, I'll try out a tester next time I'm in Myer, and if there's any improvement, I'll edit this review...

On the other hand, if this is what it's supposed to smell like, perhaps it's just not my thing, and given that scent appreciation is entirely subjective, it's highly likely that other frangipani-philes out there will love it 

Take care of you,
kats xxx


  1. I had a sniff of this one in store and wasn't totally impressed. Chi Chi does so many amazing things so I can forgive them ;) It was definitely a unique scent.. not for everyone at all! Thanks for being honest! xx

    1. Hey Jasmine, oops. Sounds like my one isn't "off" then - oh boo! But yes absolutely - I can forgive them this one little thing out of a multitude of winners ♥♥♥